October Email Newsletter 2020

From the Camp Director,

Well, things are getting a little more normal here at Hanging Rock. The month of September has seen a lot of Churches come to camp for retreats or a church picnic or just camping. We hosted our Christian Camp Leaders Open House and had over 50 in attendance. It has been so good to have people back on Hanging Rock's property again. I pray it continues. We have already received word from several churches that normally do retreats in the fall, and they have decided to cancel this fall due to Cov-19, but will plan to come back next year. We ask that you continue to pray for this ministry and that the Lord will continue to provide for our needs. The Lord has been good for sure. We have received many blessings over the month of September. We had Lincicum Heating & Air from West Lebanon provide two heat exchangers for the LDC and install both, labor free. Then a week later we had the furnace go out in our dining hall and they also provided us a new furnace and free installation. God is Good!!! We really appreciate Mark Lincicum and his team.  This reminds me of Mark 14:19-21. The feeding of five thousand. 
These verses teach us one simple truth. Jesus is so powerful that he can provide for all people.

Can you picture the hungry crowd in Mark chapter 14? Thousands and thousands of people were gathered to see and hear Jesus. However, it was well past snack time and now close to dinner time, so the disciples wanted to send the people away to eat. After all, hungry, grumpy people are no fun to be around! Besides, they had hardly any food—only five loaves of bread and two fish. That wasn’t enough to feed an army, this big crowd, or even the 12 disciples.

But Jesus was about to teach them something amazing on that day. After he gave thanks for the food they had, Jesus told the disciples to start handing it out to the people. Incredibly, not only did everyone eat, and not only were they all full and satisfied, but there were even 12 basketfuls left over! Incredible!

Who else could do something so amazing besides God himself? And that’s the point! Jesus shows us with this miracle that he is true God. As God, Jesus is able to provide for every need we have. We just need to keep our eyes on him and the Faith of Hebrews 11:1 & 6. 
Our faith continues to be stretched in every area here at Hanging Rock with our facilities, roofs needing repaired, furnaces needing replaced, horse camp needing funding, our general budget needing funds. But, in all things the Lord continues to provide! WOW! We are truly blessed. 
Thank you for your partnership,
Gary Baker, Executive Director

Summer Camp 2021

We have updated our website with the dates for 2021 camps. Please pray as we move forward with Summer Camp 2021 that we can have a great summer! The camp committee has decided that we will use the same theme as last year. Registration will open January 15, 2021. First tier goes until March 15th. Second tier goes until June 6, 2021.  Get ready and make plans to get your kids to camp this summer. 
2021 Summer Camp Dates

Finance Report: 

We are really trying to keep people informed on how things are going here at Hanging Rock financially with the loss of retreats and summer camp. We have put a hold on projects this year so far. We have had a couple things come up unexpectedly, furnaces and heat exchangers and the roof on the canteen that started leaking. But, with the help of our partners in Christ those needs have been taken care of. Praise the Lord! Our general fund is an area that really needs help. Overall, it really is not as bad as we would have expected with loss of income with Summer Camp and Retreats. Just for September we have fallen short $3,926.44 to meet our General Fund expenses. Overall, we have taken in $112,329.97 less than last year at this point, but we have also had less expenses. We have spent $97,713.15 less than last year at this time. So our general budget for the year is only short $14,616.82. Our hope is that we can make this up by the end of the year. If you are willing to help us at this point you can donate online or send a check to Hanging Rock and designate in the memo "General Fund". 

From the Associate Director,

I am excited to be taking on a different role here at Hanging Rock! I have served in a few different roles since I started here in March of 2016. I started off as the Maintenance Assistant/Wilderness Liaison and then transitioned into the Maintenance/Wilderness Coordinator, then the Wilderness/Facilities Director and now I am the Associate Director. In the 4 years I have served here I have met a lot of you, but there are some who still may not know me. So, I wanted to give you a little bit of info about myself. I was born and raised in Indianapolis and graduated from Ben Davis High School in 2001. I was a long time member of Clermont Christian Church, before I moved to Pennsylvania where I served on staff at Camp Christian for 9 months back in 2015. Since being here at Hanging Rock I have met my wife, Jessica, and have had 2 kids. Our son Hunter, who we adopted in August of 2018, is soon to be 4, and our daughter Kennedy just turned 2 in September. We were married in November of 2017, and attend Colfax Christian Church, where I am a Deacon.

I am excited to serve in this new role as the Associate Director where I will oversee Food Service and Guest Service along with all the other responsibilities that go along with Camp Ministry. I have a passion for cooking, and if you are friends with me on Facebook you get to see the meals I prepare for my family. I will be posting some of the meals we serve here at camp on our Facebook page as well, so be on the lookout for them. I also, have a passion for serving others, and helping to meet their needs from the Guest Service side of things. My years of customer service work, prior to getting into Ministry help with that. If you or your church would like to plan a retreat at camp, I would love to talk to you about setting that up! Feel free to reach out to me via email at toddblair@hangningrock.org to schedule your retreat needs! I look forward to continued service here at HRCA!! We are also looking at bolstering our volunteer help here at camp, so be on the lookout for ways you can help serve alongside us here at Hanging Rock. I am honored to serve here, and cherish all the volunteers we currently have serving the camp!
Todd Blair, Associate Director

Christmas at the Rock

This year's fundraiser banquet will be on December 6, 2020. We will offer two show times at 2-4pm & 6-8pm. We are excited to have Steven Foster & Art Bush who will provide great Christmas music to help our hearts prepare for this Christmas season. We have set up registration so you can sign up for a table of 8 for $100 or you can choose to register indivdual tickets at $15.00 per person. This will include a great meal and dessert. We did sell out last year so don't wait too long to get registered. 

Maintenance Minute, 

What a beautiful start to Fall!  We want to thank everyone who has been donating to the Canteen Roof Project!  We will be getting started on that soon and plan to have the roof done here in the next few weeks as the weather and our schedule allows.  
It has been great to have a few groups here in September and to meet a lot more people from our Supporting Churches who have been camping this past month.  Looking forward to seeing you again! 

Well, the leaves are beginning to fall here at Camp.  If you have the time or desire to hop on a mower and mulch up leaves or pull our leaf vac around and suck them up, let me know!  We will get you all set up and taken care of.  If any youth ministers want to schedule a leaf raking day with their youth group, let me know!!!  We’d love to have you out for the day or half a day.  We can provide lunch and keep you well energized!   

Our next Youth Minister Retreat will be Thursday, October 8th.  We will meet at 10 a.m. and be done by 2 p.m.   Weather permitting we will be out at Wilderness Camp that day around a nice campfire.  Bring lawnchairs or a hammock if you want! 

Hope to see you sometime soon at Camp! 
All For Him, 
Ben Hannum

Canteen Roof

We have received the funds to replace the roof on the canteen. Now we need some volunteers to help with this project. We will need to take the old shingles off, repair the roof and then install the metal roof. If you would like to help with this project you can contact Ben Hannum @ 765-585-2264. 

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