Exposing the Fake Felony
Exposing the Fake Felony
WHY CRAIG HUEY ENDORSES CONNIE REGULI Tennvoterguide.com Craig Huey Leahy: Now, what's going on in this judicial race? Williamson Families PAC had recommended in one of the cases there the juvenile court judge primary election. Huey: At this point, I'm still recommending Connie, and I'm going to be taking a look today at the final decision. But I'm very confident I will, and I'll tell you why. It's a very sad situation for judges. "We evaluate judges not only here in Tennessee but nationwide. I got to tell you, this is one of the most important races, and Connie got a nine-star out of 10. She's a strict constructionist. She's a fighter for parental rights and a fighter for religious liberty. She's really great." Sharon, her opponent, only gets a six because she's kind of an establishment judge who donates to Democrats and who compromises on a lot of things. He's kind of the good-old-boy club among the judges. And you can't count on her decision-making. JUDICIAL RATINGS Judges sitting on the courts may be incompetent, corrupt or lazy. Even worse, many are political opportunists with a political agenda. There are two types of judges: judicial activists and strict constructionists. A judicial activist legislates from the bench. Instead of strictly interpreting law, these judges make the laws. Instead of applying the law to facts, they rule based on their own values. Judicial activists overturn voter-passed initiatives and laws passed by the state legislature because they personally have a different belief system, twist the law to rationalize their decisions, and impose their own moral codes, political beliefs, and secular values in an effort to reshape our society and promote social engineering. Strict constructionists impartially arrive at a fair judgment based on law. Judicial activists are usually more liberal; strict constructionists are usually more conservative Dear Voter, After reading about how Craig Huey calculates his judicial ratings - I decided to share with you my experiences with the juvenile court system. I am Elizabeth Harris and my son was the victim of one of Guffee's worst outcomes. I sought help from the former nurse turned appointed judge and was treated with disdain and tyranny. We barely survived our experiences in that courtroom. I have written a number one best selling book about our experiences, “What's Wrong With My Child” which chronicles the facts surrounding my son's autoimmune disease of the brain that causes behavioral changes. Guffee didn't want to hear a word about it nor did she assist me in any way when I had found a neurological rehabilitation facility that would fit his needs. Instead, I was blamed for the multiple failures of a court ordered ankle monitor (that I requested), I was illegally arrested and criminalized, and my son was evaluated by a court appointed psychologist for less than two hours and diagnosed with things he'd never been diagnosed with prior to. Her plan was to remove him from my custody by charging me with independent and neglect. The problem was that I had three other children (two of whom I had adopted from DCS a few years earlier) and she didn't try to take them. She was trying to place him in Hermitage Hall, a facility for sex offenders! Look it up - and then imagine my terror. This facility was not appropriate for a child with a neurological disorder - it was a facility for sex offenders! How could one person make all of these lies become the truth? How is that much power bestowed upon one individual without a shred of checks and balances. The few months I spent fighting Judge Guffee's tyranny was unimaginable. I barely made it out - and that was only when Connie Reguli helped me. You see, I was referred to her by someone who understood what Judge Guffee was capable of but was fearful to help as she is ruthlessly intimidating. I watched as attorneys interacted with her - she didn't want to hear anything about autism, she didn't care about the rules of her own court and she certainly did not comply with federal laws. Upon learning that she felt this abuse was acceptable because I was “indigent” a fire rose up inside of me that has never been quelled. These same tactics are now being used against Connie Reguli - Connie Reguli has been gagged by a few of the activist judges we have here in Williamson County. This means it is illegal to defend herself against many of the allegations that have been made against her. Since this is unbelievably unfair - I am going to share what I know and address the horrendous slander she has endured during early-voting no less. Board Complaints There had been some frivolous board complaints made against Connie Reguli over the years - apparently this is kind of like a yelp for lawyers. If you've been in business for any length of time - you understand that there are some customers you just will not be able to make happy - no matter what. Connie's clients are stressed, in the middle of divorces, and a few of them she has fired after learning they were actually guilty. One of those actually penned the complaint that stood - of course she was unable to disclose that because of attorney client privilege and so - she fell on the sword. The board of professional responsibility had completely ignored these complaints until Connie took a group of parents to the general assembly after seeing the overreach that the Department of Children's Services has in Tennessee. Her goal was to initiate reform in the Department of Children's Services. An unsuspecting, hopeful attorney learned very quickly that she was the only one with that goal. All of a sudden she was hauled into a disciplinary hearing. Seven of the eight complaints against her were dropped. Later - a contract dispute, which should have been civil, was the only thing they could figure out how to make stick. It was at that time that they intended for Connie Reguli to “get the message” - and oh did she ever get it. Thankfully, it did not stop her from pursuing truth and justice on behalf of struggling families because Connie took my case in 2014. I was unaware of the backstory when she did but it wouldn't have mattered as she was the only attorney in Williamson County that dared to help my son and I. Judge Guffee's behavior was getting more severe and several parents made their way to Connie Reguli regarding her abusive tactics in the courtroom. Judge Guffee refuses to provide the transcripts or recordings of proceedings from her courtroom, and the public is told “it's to protect the identity of the juvenile”. Connie had to do something - so she chose to attend a county commission meeting with these parents in 2018. A few days later, Sharon Guffee herself filed a complaint against Connie Reguli. The public is not able to see complaints made by Judges and the judges know this - so if you look up Connie's complaints, you will not be able to see if they were made by judges. Another of the complaints was filed by DCS because Connie's recorder picked up their chatter while she was in the bathroom - what they said has to be illegal. Rather than owning their statements and rectifying the situation, they decided to go after her legally with this Wendy Hancock situation. I recently saw similar behavior in Judge Woodruff's courtroom - he sanctioned Connie $5000 because she asked for the public records of taxpayer money used to pay for the criminal defense of a pedophile who worked at the detention center. The county has paid for at least fourteen legal professionals to defend this 44 year old ex-guard and recently just hired yet another law firm. What is going on? Connie asks that question and gets charged $5000 and threatened with jail and disbarment? Former lawyer Andy Allman, convicted of 18 felonies for stealing money from his clients. These are the types of crimes for which an attorney should be punished but when our judiciary twists the facts to create their own narrative - we are in big trouble. Click here to watch the story of Connie Reguli's "Fake Crimes" The Truth Never Changes
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