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February 7, 2018
 2018-2019 Scholarships Applications are Now Open!
Attending college can give graduates a financial boost that will benefit them throughout their lives.  The U.S. Census has determined that the average college graduate makes $19,550 more per year than the average high school graduate.  Your family has decided to invest in your child’s future by sending him/her to Lourdes.  Lourdes recognizes that this investment comes at a cost, but did you know scholarships are available that may defray some of your child’s expenses?

  1.  Encourage your student to apply for scholarships! Remind your student to check his/her student email account for opportunities.  EVERYONE can apply for the Lourdes General Scholarships, and there are several other scholarships your son or daughter may qualify for.  Apply for as many scholarships as possible to ensure a better chance of receiving additional funds.

  2.  The 2018-2019 General Scholarship Application is the most important one to apply for.  By simply completing this one scholarship application, your student is automatically put into a pool for MANY other scholarships.  (Historically, this is under-applied for, so MOST students are awarded some funds.)  Please have them make sure the application(s) is filled out completely and that they follow the instructions closely.  Any incomplete applications will not be considered.  We also encourage them to stop in the Academic Success Center (ASC) to proofread applications. (Application deadline is March 28)

    3.Last week, the following information was emailed to all undergraduate students.

4.  There are also outside scholarships that your student may apply for as well.  Deadlines vary, but typically occur around April 15.  Learn more here.

5.  File your FAFSA now, if you haven’t done so already.  You will use your tax information from 2016.  This MUST be completed to be eligible for scholarships.  Need assistance?  Stop in Financial Aid Office!

6.  Was there a recent emergency/situation that put your student in a financial pinch?  Qualified students can apply for the Dash Grant and earn up to $1000 to cover eligible expenses.  Read more about the grant and application process here.

It’s almost time to start planning for summer and fall classes.  Check with your student to make sure he/she schedules an appointment with an academic advisor during Advising Weeks (March 12-23).  Registration opens March 26.  To be eligible to register, your student’s account must be up to date.  If you are on the payment plan, make sure you continue to make payments by the 20th of each month. (Tell your student to be on the lookout in March for information about our new payment plan that will be very user-friendly and convenient.)

As always, if you or your student have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out for assistance.  We are truly here to assist.

Director of Student Success
Alisa Smith | | 419-824-3963
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