Video + Notice of Unauthorized Use of IAR Forms + IREC Sanctions inside…
Video + Notice of Unauthorized Use of IAR Forms + IREC Sanctions inside…
May 6, 2021
Dear IAR Member:
Questions re: the IAR Escalation Clause Addendum are pouring in on the Legal HotlineThat is not a surprise given the highly competitive market we are experiencing right now. General Counsel Richelle Mossler recently recorded a 6-minute video that you will want to watch ASAP. This video will help you better serve your clients by understanding the use of this IAR form.
Also pouring in on the Legal Hotline are reports of IAR forms being used by non-members. It is a violation of copyright when a non-member uses an IAR form. It is also a violation of copyright when a member supplies an IAR form to a non-member. To protect the integrity of IAR forms – and the members who pay to access them/use them as intended – IAR intends to pursue legal means to prosecute unauthorized users and their suppliers.
Official Notice
It has been a while, but Violation Station is back. Due to the pandemic, there was a pause on these hearings. Below, Staff Attorney Kelly Shonborn catches us up on the sanctions handed out by the Indiana Real Estate Commission (IREC). These case scenarios will help you remain compliant with license law and keep you in business.
Q1 2021 IREC Sanctions
2020 IREC Sanctions

Our attorneys are happy to talk you through any of the above or answer other real estate-related questions. Ask your managing broker to call on your behalf or authorize you to call the IAR Legal Hotline:
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Calls are answered in the order they are received, always by phone, and within 24 hours.
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