Our 25th Anniversary has officially begun! Join us as we celebrate.
Our 25th Anniversary has officially begun! Join us as we celebrate.
NCF 25th
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On this day in 1996, the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation (now National Cryptologic Foundation) was established. 
Major General John E. Morrison, USAF (Ret), who had had a distinguished career in Intelligence, with the endorsement of then director of NSA, Lt. Gen. Ken Minihan, USAF, (Ret), and assisted by others who shared his interests and operational experience, established the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation, Inc. in April 1996, as a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. Its purpose was to support the Museum’s mission of educating the public about cryptology, commemorating its mostly unsung military and civilian heroes, and stimulating the minds of generations to come about the wonders of cryptology. We are excited to be building upon and expanding this vital mission today.
The 25th Anniversary section of our website will continue to feature new highlights, as well as news about more #NCF25 anniversary-related programs and activities, so please keep it bookmarked.
The section currently features highlights of rare and invaluable artifacts acquired by the Foundation over the years for the Museum. And there are also links to learn more about the early years of the Foundation. 
If you joined us this past Wednesday, 14 April, for the kick-off event with six former NSA Directors, you know our 25th Anniversary is off to a very exciting start!
If you registered, attended, and/or donated, we THANK YOU for your support. We are especially grateful for everyone who joined the NCF as a new member or renewed a membership with registration. As the National Cryptologic Foundation is a non-profit 501(c3), our growth is dependent on donations and membership dues from supporters like you.
The virtual panel of former NSA Directors generated great interest and was very well received. Of course, virtual and in-person programs are always subject to glitches and issues, and thus, we apologize to anyone who encountered challenges with joining the webinar. We were so thankful to have nearly 700 people register for the event. The recording is now available and is linked below.
As we mentioned in our event follow-up email, we are truly thankful for the former Directors' participation in this special event. It was an honor to hear their perspectives, as well as their insightful (and often humorous) stories and anecdotes. Mr. Greg Myre, NPR National Security Correspondent, did an exceptional job as moderator for our distinguished panel, and Mr. Jeff Bull of Dell Technologies, had the honor of introducing the Directors.
Thank You to our generous event sponsors, Dell Technologies & their partner FEDDATA (Title Sponsors), as well as Peraton, ManTech, AT&T, and Accenture Federal Services. We were very honored to have your support.
If you were unable to attend the live presentation or simply want to watch it again, the recording is now available. We hope you will share it with others who may be interested.
If you have decided our mission is worthy of further consideration, please consider joining as a member or making a donation today.
  • MUSEUM remains closed due to COVID-19. However, virtual opportunities are available - see below.
  • ONGOING - Museum virtual events via EventBrite. MORE.
  • 17 APR 2021 - NCF 25th Anniversary. MORE.
  • 20 APR 2021 - NCF #CyberChat: Prepare for Success at NSA: The National Cryptologic School. MORE.
  • 1-2 MAY 2021 - Maryland History Day Contest & Awards (Virtual). MORE.
  • 4 MAY 2021 - NCF #CyberChat: Charting a Path to a Future in Cyber. MORE.
  • 18 MAY 2021 - NCF #CyberChat: Student Security Clearances - Your Past Impacts Your Future (for Educators & Students). MORE.
  • 7 OCT 2021 - 20th Annual Eagle Alliance-hosted Crypto Cup. MORE.
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