Follow the Safari for a chance to win brunch, yoga, and more!
Follow the Safari for a chance to win brunch, yoga, and more!
Dear Friend, 
Write, Paint, Express, Mingle, Play, if you want to! Join us on Monday, May 20 for The Art of We: Can Dance If We Want To from 6-9pm at Bauhaus Brew Labs. 
Register today, and when you join us on May 20 you'll get a Social Skills Safari play card. Just like a scavenger hunt, it will lead you through the event. Complete the card for a chance to win one of these excellent prizes:   
1) Brunch in the Cities Package
Gift certificates for brunch or lunch at these delicious restaurants: The Book Club, Tiny Diner, and The Red Stag Supperclub;
2) Yoga in the Cities Package
Gift Certificates for classes at Heart Yoga, Modo Yoga, and CorePower;
3) A Gift Certificate for classes at the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center; or
4) Hospitality Passes to the Vikings Training Camp 
Playing the Social Skills Safari is completely free- all you need to do is register and attend! Click here for details on the Safari Social Skills and Prizes! Much gratitude to the generous donors who provided these exciting prizes.
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With abundant thanks for all that you do!
Julie, Matt, Bree, and everyone at Upstream Arts
A Teaching Artist plays the drum while a Participant responds with movement.
Upstream Arts Logos with these symbols: writing, painting, expressing (hearts) mingling, and playing (coin toss)
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