News you can use from across Greater Washington
News you can use from across Greater Washington
Federation 5: News you can use from across Greater Washington
Today we bid farewell to Federation 5, through which we’ve proudly brought you news from our community over the past three years. But don't worry—we've still got you covered. Each Tuesday, our Together & Connected newsletter will now include the latest news from across Greater Washington, plus the roundup of events and resources you've come to love. And of course, keep in touch with Federation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for real-time updates!

Innovation & Ingenuity: A Message from Gil Preuss
In a great scene in the movie Apollo 13, the astronauts are faced with the sudden need to use the resources at their disposal to literally fit a square peg into a round hole. By sharing resources and ideas, and working together, they are able to solve their problem. And right now, in the midst of a global pandemic, that is what our community is doing, too: moving forward by combining what we have at hand with incredible creativity and ingenuity. Together, we can ensure that every member of our community continues to benefit from vibrant Jewish life in Greater Washington, in whatever new shape or form it may take.

Thank You and L'hitraot (farewell) to Greater Washington’s Outgoing Community Shlichim!
As summer comes to a close, several of our community shlichim (Israeli emissaries) are preparing to return to Israel following a successful shlichut. But before we let them go, we asked them to reflect on their experiences in Greater Washington.

Anti-Racism Resources for Our Community
As a Jewish community, we are obligated to work together to address racism. To help renew and deepen our commitment to the Black community as well as to support Jews of Color; specifically Black Jews, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington (JCRC) has created a resource list – for learning and self-examination around explicit and implicit racism, and for taking concrete anti-racist action to advance justice and equity in our society.

Wisdom & Reflections for a Very Different New Year
Today, the Jewish community marks the start of the Hebrew month of Elul–and of a very unusual High Holiday season. While we may not be gathering in person to sound the shofar (ram’s horn) each day, we can still celebrate this meaningful transition to a New Year with a process of spiritual introspection, personal growth, and by deepening our connections with one another. Join Federation and the Washington Board of Rabbis as we present 29 days of learning guided by the diversity, warmth, and wisdom from rabbis throughout DC, MD, and Northern VA.

Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic
In this final edition of Federation 5, we pay tribute to your impact in responding to the coronavirus pandemic and sustaining our community for a vibrant Jewish future. Over the past several months, in the midst of a global health and economic crisis, our Jewish community has shown remarkable compassion and resilience. Though the future remains uncertain, together, we continue to care for one another and to act as a force for good in the world.
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