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From the Camp Director,

Who is ready for 2021? I think 99.9% of people would say they are ready for 2021. 2020 was a rough year for everyone in so many ways. Of course for the camp not having a normal summer was very challenging. We give thanks to all of our churches and individuals who made sure we could make a BIG difference in 2021, by your support to make sure our finances were not in a state where we would suffer for this year.  I cannot begin to say it enough but thank you for your help this past year. But, we are ready to move forward with 2021. 
One of the most difficult things about changing seasons is leaving the past behind us and moving forward to what lies ahead (Philippians 3:13). This can be hard to do, especially if we’ve had a hard year and are struggling to feel positive about what might be next. And yet, even when things have been so sweet, we can be uncertain of the coming season – will it threaten the peace and happiness we’ve come to enjoy? Looking to the future means looking to the unknown.

Either way, I have learned that through Christ, all things are possible. That means that no matter what 2020 held for us, Christ is able to walk alongside us to help us move forward in our life. This doesn’t mean that we should push our feelings and thoughts aside in an attempt to hurry and get over them for the sake of a new year. Rather, we have to be willing to let go of control and allow Christ to reign and rule over our lives, believe you me, this is real hard for me. Just ask any of our board members.  Submitting to his authority and plan, and trust him to help us in whatever way we need while we move forward.
2021 will still be a little different for us here at  Hanging Rock. We have had most of our retreats for January & February canceled due to Covid-19. I cannot wait to stop talking about Covid. So for us 2021 will start off a little slow. 
But, we will be working on Summer Camp 2021 and making sure everything is ready for you to come back to Hanging Rock this summer. We are even putting a new look on our website to give 2021 a fresh look. 
Let's pray this prayer together as we face 2021: We walk into this coming year with open arms, knowing that you have a hope and a future for us. I leave the year 2020 knowing that you cause all things to work together for my good, because we love you and have been called according to your purposes. Dear Lord, Take us further and deeper than all we could ask for or imagine this year, Lord. Bless us beyond what we believe and in the process, instill in us the truth of truths that You are God, and that You love us. In Jesus name, Amen 
Happy New Year, See you at Camp 2021!
Gary Baker, Executive Director

Summer 2021 Jobs:

We are accepting applications for positions for next summer. We have an application online if you are interested in any of these positions. 
Maintenance Intern
Wilderness Intern
First Aid Attendant
Dorm RA for guys and girls
Kitchen Assistants
Dish Washer

Summer Camp Registration, 

Our Board of Directors met on November 19th and after a lengthy discussion we have decided it would be best to start registration on March 15, 2021 this year instead of January 15. We feel that this gives us plenty of time to make decisions due to Covid-19. 
We have updated the camp sessions on our website with prices. We will only be doing a two tier price structure next year. We also will not be able to do a payment plan because of the shortened registration period. 

Jr. High Retreat,

Jr. High Retreat has moved to March 5-6, 2021. This gives us more time and better weather to have a more successful retreat. If you have already registered and these dates do not work for you we will give you a full refund. If these dates do work you do not have to register again. We will be posting a new flyer soon. 
Everything is the same except the dates. 

2020 Finance Update: Income report for 2019 & 2020 for you to compare what the Lord has provided for Hanging Rock. You will also find the expenses for 2020 with a surplus of $4,255.66! Remarkable after the year we have had. Thank you again for your generosity.  All of this will be broken down in our annual report which will be going out in January.  As you look at this we hope you are hopeful as we enter in 2021. We also pray if you're new to supporting Hanging Rock that you would contiune to support the work here. 

Income 2019                                  Income 2020                                           

Church             $208,354.34                                        Church                $234,083.00

Individual        $84,031.73                                           Individual            $105,843.00

Camp               $286,060.02                                         Camp                  $ 47,549.00  - (donated Refunds                                                                                                                                                  from Camp)

Rental               $89,215.35                                          Rental                  $  93,546.00

Other               $ 22,646.55                                           Other                  $  31,827.00

Total                $690,307.99                                         Total                  $512,848.00
                                                                                    $177,459.99 less revenue from 2019. 
Expenses 2020

Employees                       $230,853.81

Food Service                    $ 33,960..52

Insurance                         $ 37,318.47

Utilities                             $ 69,208.77

Office                                $ 12,907.64

Maintenance                    $ 63,128.69
Program                            $ 38,270.46

Retreat                              $ 4,643.98

Special Projects               $ 18,300.00 - (Adam Bathrooms)

Total                                  $508,592.34

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Great is Thy Faithfulness Campaign Update,

We kicked off a two year campaign in 2019 not knowing what 2020 would be like. In that campaign we were going to remodel our boys dorm bathrooms, girls dorm bathrooms, the Hilton bathrooms and work on a dining hall extension. We did get the boys bathroom remodeled. They look great. Then 2020 happened. The board decided we would put this campaign on hold. But we plan to relaunch this campign in June 2021. We have added another part to this plan and we are making revisions to the campaign. The board is still working out the details and the cost of each project we will make part of this new campaign. .So, be on the look out for more information and be ready to join this new campaign. We are excited to share what is included. For we have been a part of the FAITHFULLNESS of God! 
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