This one was pure fun!
This one was pure fun!
Cottage Theatre News
April 17, 2020
From the Executive Director

Dear Cottage Theatre family,

I hope you can treat yourself to a moment in the sunshine today!

And I hope that, at least for a few minutes, you can experience your surroundings with "actor's mindset." Let me explain. The thing I and, I suspect, many other performers, love best about being on stage is the incredible focus acting requires. As you jump into the story of the play, and really listen to what other characters are saying, "real life" just melts away. Being on stage is like a mini-vacation from the world — and when you exit the stage, you are changed. You have grown as a person by virtue of that experience of being fully attuned to the present moment. 

It seems to me that, in this time of global uncertainty about the future, we all need little mini-vacations that an actor's mindset can bring. Try it! You may discover why so many of us find creating theatre so addictive!

Until we can be together again, be well . . . and spread kindness!
Susan Goes signature
Susan Goes
Executive Director
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