Don't miss out on these tips for completing and reporting the AXP remotely!
Don't miss out on these tips for completing and reporting the AXP remotely!
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Graphic of an AXP candidate holding a tablet to help them work on their experience areas remotely.
Do you need advice for completing and reporting AXP hours remotely? We've got you covered with a few tips and best practices!
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Project Planning & Design »

Project Planning & Design focuses on the schematic design phase of a project. This area includes tasks related to laying out building designs, reviewing building codes and regulations, coordinating schematics with consultants, and communicating design concepts with your client.

What Should You Expect From Your AXP Supervisor? »

Develop a plan with your supervisor to get the most out of your experience! Understanding what your supervisor expects of you and what you expect from your supervisor can make it easier to develop a plan that helps you complete the AXP and gain meaningful work experience.

Find Your Licensing Advisor »

We know that understanding the requirements you need to meet for licensure is easier when someone is there to guide you. Find your licensing advisor today using the Licensing Advisors Lookup Tool!

Tips for Starting the AXP »

As you work to complete your AXP requirements for licensure, follow these tips to make the most out of your experience!

NCARB Live: Remote Supervising »

Our recent NCARB Live webinar, now available on our YouTube channel, offers expert advice from our panelists on the best ways to have an impactful relationship with your supervisor, plus tips for reporting and earning experience in today's remote working environment.
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