January 2020 Email Newsletter 

From the Camp Director,

Happy New Year!!!  I am so excited to see what the Lord is going to do through Hanging Rock this Year! 
A few years ago my son, Kaleb, was given this book by his youth minister, Jason Sell. One day, I walked down stairs and on the couch I saw this book. It intrigued me. So, I began reading it. I can tell you that I could not put this book down. It was so convicting. Kaleb told me when I began reading it, that I would not like it. Which caused me to want to read it even more. My son knows me very well. He knows that I am a workaholic and he knew this was going to convict me. Boy, was he right. It convicted me so much, that I wanted the staff at Hanging Rock to read it and study it every week for staff meeting. 
As a staff we read through this book and studied it and talked about how at Hanging Rock we want to create this culture where everyone slows down. When people come to Hanging Rock we want them to relax, disconnect from the busy, fast pace life that we all live in. 
As we begin this new year, my challenge to you is- if you need to slow down, read this book and join us for a winter retreat. Our goal is to minister to you in a way that encourages you to live an unhurried life. Our young people need to experience this unhurried life. Sign your child up for a retreat & camp and let us begin teaching our young people to slow down and enjoy a relationship with Christ! 
Gary Baker
Executive Director

2020 Summer Camp Registration

Begins January 15, 2020
Summer Camp

College Retreat:

January 3-4, 2020

Get away with other college students to get recharged before you go back to school. We have David Skow sharing the message  & Ben Faust Leading Worship. Check in will be at 2:00 p.m. Friday and the retreat will end at 6:00 pm Saturday. There will be 28 hours of coffee, tea, cocoa and lots of snacks. Music will be a BIG part of the retreat, so if you play an instrument bring it for some jam sessions. This retreat is only $25.00! You can register with the easy registratin link below and pay at the door. 
Easy Registration

Safe Worship Workshop:

Rescheduled on
March 7, 2020
We are excited to partner with IDES (International Disaster Emergency Services) to provide a workshop for our supporting churches. 
The cost is only $10.00 per person and that covers your lunch. 
This workshop will be led by Ed Sanow. Ed is the Director of Training at International Disaster Emergency Service, IDES. He is a 33-year veteran of law enforcement, former SWAT team leader, and former editor of LAW and ORDER magazine. He is FEMA-certified as Community Emergency Response Team and has the ALERRT train-the-trainer certification for Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events. 

House of Adam Bathroom Project:

We have raised the funds necessary to remodel all 4 bathrooms in the House of Adam. We are very thankful for all those that donated to this project. Our goal is to have 2 bathrooms finished by January 10th and the other 2 bathrooms finished by January 24th. We would like for our Ladies Overnight Retreat to be able to try these bathrooms out and give us their feedback. 

Great is Thy Faithfullnees Campaign


For over 74 years we have seen God and His people serve & give faithfully to this ministry. Here are just a few things that have been accomplished in 74 years:

  • 1946 - The camp begins at current location
  • 1947 - 3 buildings erected - Dining hall, and 2 dorms
  • 1952 - A new builing was built for offices and overflow for sleeping
  • 1958 - Chapel was built
  • 1963 - The Director's House was built
  • 1978 - New girls dorm was built
  • 1980 - New pool was built
  • 1987 - New boys dorm was built
  • 1992 - Old dorm converted into the Hanging Rock Hilton
  • 1997- 156 acres purchased giving the camp 208 acres
  • 2003 - Leadership Development Center (Gym) was built
  • 2004 - 4 cabins were built in the wilderness area
  • 2010 - Camp became debt free- paying off over $650,000 in debt
  • 2012 -Camp recieves a grant for $170,000 to replace the old wells and build a new water treatment facility
  • 2014 - The Gene Farrow Memorial Bridge was erected connnecting the two properties.
  • 2018 - Chapel remodel completed debt free using donations of $187,000. 
WOW!!!! We truly have been blesssd by the Faithfulness of God and those that support this ministry. We are starting a brand new campaign to help this ministry continue to reach more people. 
We have had some great growth over that last several years. This past summer we reached our largest summer season ever in the history of Hanging Rock with 2,086 campers. We averaged over 200 every week and in some weeks we went over 300. With a dining hall that only seats 160 and that is being generous. In the next 3 years we are going to start addressing some issues with our current dining hall and work on building a dining hall extension to increase the seating capacity to 300. We also have some work to do in our Hilton with bathrooms and flooring, the canteen roof, the shop roof and the exterior of the office building and flooring in the LDC (Gym). 
We are going to be seeking a two year financial committment to help make this a reality. 
We will be sharing more about this in the future. Please just keep us in your prayers and continue your faithfulness. 
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