September 14, 2020
Dear DFPA Faculty and Staff,

Here we are in the middle of September, and no doubt already fully underway with our new methods of pedagogy.  Again, I can’t emphasize enough how impressed I have been with your ability to fluidly move from the face to face contact that we all value so much as arts educators and mentors into myriad creative solutions that you have devised to make these trying times better for our students.  I will try not to be the “glass half full” guy too much of the time, but I do encourage you to be reflective in these months about what we’ve learned is essential within our disciplines and what we can, if necessary, let go.  For me, it’s proved validating in many cases, and disruptive in others.  But this, combined with the deep self-reflection we may also undertake with regard to issues of Diversity Equity and Inclusion, place us in an ideal position to begin our Program Review (whenever that might happen—still no definitive word on the timetable) and the process of self-study that is required as the first step towards seeking accreditation from NASD, NASAD, and NASM.   At any rate, when (if) the dust settles sufficiently to offer a bit of retrospection on this year, please allow yourself a moment or two to reflect.

Upcoming Events
Scenes from The Odyssey
SEPT 19th - SEPT 27th // SAT @ 6:00PM CST, SUN @ 2:00PM CST
The show must go on-line! We aren't lettting COVID-19 stop the arts. This fall, all Loyola University Chicago Theatre Program productions will be live streamed. Join us in our virtual performance by booking a ticket here. 

An ingenious adaptation of Homer’s Greek myth, The Odyssey begins in a modern context, with a young woman struggling to understand a translation of the great work. As the play progresses, the ten-year journey of Odysseus is brought to life through classic mythological characters like Polyphemus the Cyclops, Poseidon, Calypso, and the Sirens. Mary Zimmerman’s play makes a grand show of fantastic adventure to be enjoyed by all.
Fall 2020 Dance Friday Seminar Series
FRI @ 2:50-4:10 CST
Vershawn Sanders Ward Talia Koylass
  • September 18th, Vershawn Sanders Ward: Making the Artivist
  • October 9th, Talia Koylass: Motion Pictures Dance Project

New Student Showcase
SEPT 23rd, 2020 // 6:00PM CST
Come celebrate and support the newest members of the LUC Theatre Program for their premier on the (virtual) Newhart stage! The showcase will take place on Zoom and should last approximately one hour.
Register for the event here.
Jonathan Michael Castillo and Nicole Marroquin
Image: Jonathan Michael Castillo, Panaderia El Acambaro, Chicago (Pilsen)
On view 24/7 from the street
Pivot features the work of Jonathan Castillo and Nicole Marroquin. Castillo's images of immigrant owned businesses and Marroquin's densely-layered silkscreen prints made in collaboration with Hoofprint Studio give a voice to communities that are often underrepresented. While both artists present works that feel "true", the ways these artworks are understood grow more complex against the backdrop of pandemic and protest.
Opening Reception: FRI, OCT 16TH, 5-7pm (CST)
Join us at our online opening reception over Zoom by registering here.
Artist in Residence, Aram Han Sifuentes
Website Launch
2020-2021 DFPA Artist-in-Residence Aram Han Sifuentes recently launched the website for her project Official Unofficial Voting Station: Voting for All Who Legally Can’t. This is an ongoing socially engaged art project focused on creating imaginative voting stations open to all, but particularly for the disenfranchised. In a season where the disenfranchised are deemed to be silent and invisible, these stations are not only sites for casting symbolic votes but also a site for loud celebration and protest. To learn more and engage with this virtual component of this timely project, visit:
Photo by Virginia Harold
SAVE-THE-DATE: Thursday, October 22 @ 4:30pm CST
Aram Han Sifuentes will be delivering a virtual keynote. This Zoom presentation is open to the entire DFPA community, the University, and the general public. Registration is required to attend. REGISTER HERE
Programming Information
Complimentary Tickets
Faculty and staff may request comps via the comp request form for events that have a ticket fee. 
Access & Resources
Periodic Access to Campus
The University recognizes that many faculty and staff members may need to visit their on-campus work areas from time-to-time in order to pick up materials, collect mail, make copies, or use a scanner.  They are providing periodic access to restricted buildings on an established schedule so that Campus Safety may staff and/or monitor buildings with video surveillance.  Please note: This access is only intended for short visits.  See below for the dates on which access to the Mundelein Center will be available. Dates for access in the months of October and November will be communicated at a later date.
Mundelein Center (east, west and south doors)
September 15, 22, 29
9:00am – 4:00pm
No additional approval is needed for access during these times.
Faculty and staff with work areas in other buildings should request access by emailing Provide a specific date you wish to access your on-campus work areas, with at least two days’ advance notice.
Main Office Student Assistant
Main Office student assistant Samantha Gillooley will be working Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-4pm and will be monitoring the DFPA inbox ( closely on these days. Sam will also be hosting open zoom hours Tuesday mornings from 9:30am to 11:00am should faculty need main office assistance on camera. Link:
Marketing & Communications
We want to thank DFPA faculty and staff currently engaging with the various DFPA accounts on social media, especially on Instagram. Many of us are spending more time on social media sharing our adapting/evolving creative, teaching, and research practices during this pandemic. This behind-the-scenes ‘doing’ is part of the DFPA story in Fall 2020 and we invite you to share your ‘doings’ with the broader DFPA community. If you’re interested and active on Instagram please mention your program (see below) when posting content that is relevant to your DFPA life so we can re-share your posts and stories on an ad hoc basis.
Unsure how to mention us? Here are some how-to’s to get you started
Syllabi & Office Hours
Our department is required to have a copy of each of the syllabi of courses being taught at the beginning of the semester. Please submit both your syllabi and office hours by ASAP, using this form, if you haven't already . 
Action Items
Phone and Internet Reimbursement Requests
Due to COVID-19 and needing to teach and work remotely all university employees who incur costs for using personal cell phone and/or home Internet data plans are eligible for reimbursement of such costs up to a total of $50 per month. Faculty are eligible for reimbursement starting September 2020 – December 2020.  To request your reimbursement please complete this formIf you have any questions related to Phone/Internet Reimbursement, please reach out to Patricia @  
Register to Vote & Mail-in Voting
The presidential election is rapidly approaching, and we all have a responsibility to raise our voices thorugh voting. Thank you to everyone whose efforts at voter registration and election monitoring in this off year have proved particularly challenging. You can register to vote or check registration status at or check out the Voter Information Guide here. This resource also includes information about mail-in voting and links for out-of-state/absentee voters.

Mark E. Lococo, PhD
Professor, Chair
Department of Fine and Performing Arts
Loyola University Chicago

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