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Meet Little Will!

If you happen to find your way into our Johnson Club, you might notice a little addition among the 100 or so kids who fill the inside quarters and back lawn during our summer program.  Bobbing about, as his blond hair scatters in the summer breeze, is a little boy, so called by the kids—Little Will.  Will who has been a welcome addition as a kindergartener, isn’t shy about making himself known and displays his unabashed grin wherever he goes. He is a ball of energy that says exactly what is on his mind, in that childlike sort of way. Will's father is not new to the Club either.  He orignally brought Will after mentioning how much fun it was as a Club kid himself.  Branch Manager, Lea Cobb said that, "Will is a pistol, but at the same time, so fun to be around and we're glad to have him here."  Be on the lookout for Little Will next time you stop by!

Gradution of One of Our                           Own

In an important milestone, Club kid Joseph Aceves and 100 other graduates from Ventura College, who would be moving on to Cal State and UC schools; marked their transition in a special ceremony, as they advanced to the next stage of their academic careers.  Joseph, who had been an active Club kid for the past 13 years, will be transitioning to Cal Poly in the coming season.  The event marked an emotional moment for not just Joseph, but also for his family. Branch Manager, Ms. Elizabeth Claudio and Ms. Marcela Gallegos, who have known Joseph for many years, were happy to see his hard work come to culmination. “He comes from a difficult home situation” Ms. Claudio remarked, but “I know that we made a difference in this young man's life.  And with his perseverance and our guidance, he has achieved up to this point the goals that he set for himself."

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