News and events at Houston Audubon
News and events at Houston Audubon
  • A Swift Night Out at the Movies
  • The Past Year in Review
  • Migrating Hawks
  • Natives Nursery Open House
  • Fall Events
  • Youth and Family Programs
  • Herp Study at Edith Moore
  • Bats in Houston
  • Field Trips
  • Sanctuary Walks and Monthly Bird Surveys
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Focusing on the people of Houston Audubon.
  • Snowy Plover on Bolivar Flats
  • Bird-Friendly Eco-Team
  • New Education Specialist Jeanette Lambert
  • Young Professionals Advisory Council Webpage
  • Fall Bird Migration and Lights Out Alerts
  • Rockstar Capital Volunteer Podcast
  • First Natives Nursery Open House a Success
  • Beak of the Week Profiles: Prothonotary Warbler, Swainson's Hawk, Eastern Wood-Pewee, Mourning Dove, Solitary Sandpiper
This article in the Houston Chronicle explains the dangers of light pollution to birds and how our Lights Out for Birds program is addressing the problem.
Weekly mindfulness classes in a quiet spot in the forest. You can sign up for a single class or the entire 10-week series.
Owl Prowls
The fall season is starting up for these popular programs and places fill up fast.
West Houston prowls start Nov 2.
Southeast Houston prowls start Nov 10.
Compilers: it is time to send your count details to the webmaster.


Fall photography event featuring hawks, falcons, owls and more at Sims.
Learn the basics of birding including habitat, migration, behavior, as well as how to identify them by family and species.
Gala 2018: Oct 18
This year's Gala celebrates our Bird-Friendy Communities program. Purchase tickets now.
Start with a fun interactive program, then meet our education raptors up close. First time at Edith Moore.
Armand Bayou
Oct 13
Oct 18
Oct 18
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