News you can use from across Greater Washington
News you can use from across Greater Washington
Federation 5: News you can use from across Greater Washington
Welcome Home to the more than 100 community members newly
returned from Federation’s Israel YOUR Way 2019 Mission.
Enjoy photos from their incredible journey.

The Impact of Jewish Learning: A Message from Gil Preuss
We are drawn to the Passover story not just for its metaphors but for its specifics. Throughout the seder, we revisit the ins-and-outs of the story and, in doing so, help to reinforce our connection to Jewish history and tradition. In this way, Passover is a perfect example of the importance of Jewish learning. By looking closely at our past, asking questions, and examining the reasons behind Jewish ritual, we grow as Jews and as people. Indeed, by diving into Jewish thought, we uncover valuable lessons in how to navigate a complex and modern world with wisdom and grace.

Thousands Across Greater Washington Come Together as a Force for Good in the World
Thank you to all who joined us for Federation’s eighth annual Sara & Samuel J. Lessans Good Deeds Day 2019 on April 7, and to our media partner, the Washington Jewish Week. By making blankets and soup kits, beautifying our community through trash pickups and home improvement projects, and giving back in many other ways, more than 6,000 volunteers made a huge impact in our local community.

The Votes are In! Greater Washington “Elects” the Next (Unofficial) Israeli Government
Across Greater Washington, Federation’s Congregational Shlichim (emissaries) have been engaging our community in the 2019 Israeli elections. Throughout March and April, mock elections took place at 15 sites across Greater Washington, and on Monday, April 8, many came together for the culminating Isra-Vote gathering, hosted by The Jewish Federation, the Jewish Community Relations Council, and the Israeli American Council. Together, we heard from experts, explored coalition scenarios, discussed how the outcome might affect the U.S.-Israel relationship, and “voted” for Israel’s new government.

Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Plague
The season of cleaning and “eating down” what is in our closets and freezers is upon us. The Passover restrictions on leavening agents help motivate us to check out all the groceries we collected during the year, from the bagels we froze after Yom Kippur break-fast to the box of waffles still waiting for our grandchildren to visit. The Torah (Exodus 13:6-7) states, “For seven days, eat bread made without yeast (chametz)… Eat unleavened bread during those seven days; nothing with yeast in it is to be seen among you, nor shall any yeast be seen anywhere within your borders.”. But unlike many other food prohibitions, where one simply may not eat a particular item, chametz is to be searched for, destroyed, or sold so that it is totally removed from the home. What is so bad about leavening that it is treated so harshly?

Your Comprehensive Passover Checklist from Federation’s Jewish Food Experience®
Whether you’ve hosted the Passover seder countless times or this is your first, Federation’s Jewish Food Experience® has you covered! Our comprehensive Passover prep checklist includes tested timelines, ingredient lists, and recipe suggestions for a more gratifying Passover celebration.
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