FMCA News: Fall Fun for RVers
FMCA News: Fall Fun for RVers
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Fall pumpkin display at campground
Dear RVer,
There’s just something about fall travel... “When the frost is on the punkin and the fodder’s in the shock.” Anyone remember that old James Whitcomb Riley poem? It eloquently describes the beauty and serenity of autumn and harvest time. It captures the feeling many RVers have as they head out to enjoy the crisp, cool air and the colors of fall. The crowds have diminished, the bugs are fewer, and the pace seems to slow.
This month, we’re sharing information about fall festivities, and some winterizing tips for putting the RV into storage — unless you’re lucky enough to be headed somewhere warm! And we’re wrapping up things with a cozy RV-themed blanket you can create without sewing a stitch. So, pour yourself a mug of warm apple cider, get cozy, and read on.
But the air's so appetizin'; and the landscape through the haze
Of a crisp and sunny morning of the airly autumn days
Is a pictur' that no painter has the colorin' to mock -
When the frost is on the punkin and fodder's in the shock.

See you at the pumpkin patch!
The FMCA Team
P.S. Our Canadian friends celebrate Thanksgiving Oct. 14. Sending warm wishes!
Why We Love FMCA
Two years ago I saw FMCA's magazine at a campground. I loved the articles and information and was astounded by the benefits of being a member.... I’m pretty sure we weren’t the first towable owners to join, but I want to say "Thank You" to everyone for allowing us membership. You can be sure I’ll be spreading the word to my friends and campground acquaintances!
Rick and Nancy Proskow, F476913
Autumn adventures are better with FMCA by your side. Join today!
How Do I?
Tips for Winterizing
Fall means the RV season is winding down for many. Here are resources for when you’re ready to winterize your rig:

FMCA Adventure
Kenova, West Virginia, a small river town of roughly 3,000 people, welcomes more than 30,000 visitors each Halloween season to the famous “Griffith Pumpkin House.” The former mayor of Kenova decorates his house each year with 3,000 hand-carved pumpkins, a community effort that takes dozens of volunteers and countless hours! The outcome is a magnificent spectacle.
Kenova Pumpkin House
The Griffith Pumpkin House slowly comes together throughout October as pumpkins are added one by one, but all 3,000 finished jack-o-lanterns will be on display by the time the town hosts its annual fall festival, CK AutumnFest, on Oct. 24-26. During this weekend, lots of other fall activities take place around town as well.

When you’re in town, make sure to visit Griffith & Feil Soda Fountain and Pharmacy, an old-school drugstore and restaurant that has been open for more than 125 years. The pumpkin display initially began out front of this pharmacy, with only four jack-o-lanterns, but it has since grown into one of West Virginia’s most popular tourist destinations. 

The address to the pumpkin house is 748 Beech St., Kenova, WV 25530.
FMCA Clubhouse
Fire Awareness Month
October is National Fire Prevention Month. THIA by PROTENG® is a fully automatic and self-contained fire suppression device that can be custom-installed in lRVs, tow vehicles, mobility scooters, golf carts, etc. — in places with a high risk of fire. FMCA members are eligible to purchase the device at a discounted rate. Learn more.
Last Chance to Lock in 2019 RV Warranty Pricing
Sunsets + Saguaros
Join FMCA at its 101st convention in Tucson, AZ, March 26 through 29, 2020. This convention is sure to include sun, fun, and group festivities. Meet new friends at the Chapter Block Party, or jam out to country star Josh Turner and classic rock band Three Dog Night. If you register by the Oct. 9 "Super Early Bird" deadline, you'll earn a Little Helper Mountable Lantern, a special gift for registering early. Learn more.
Sunsets & Saguaros - 101st Convention
Have You Visited The FMCA Forums?
From RV weight safety to RVing with kids, and everything in between, find answers to many of your road ramblin’ questions on the FMCA Forums. Instead of worrying about the latest noise you’ve heard, you’ll be asking “RV there yet?” FMCA members get exclusive access to the Forums. 
Visit the Events Calendar to see all upcoming events.
Campground Savings
FMCA Campground
Stay & Save With FMCA
FMCA members can book two nights per month FREE at FMCA's private campground in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is perfect for a fall weekend getaway to nearby Kings Island’s Halloween Haunt (20 miles from campground) or a little farther trip to the Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular in Louisville, KY (120 miles).
Search FMCA Connections 
Fall leaves on road
Flush With Fall
Although summer’s over, that doesn’t mean you need to lock up the RV ’til next year. Many travelers believe fall is the most beautiful season of all and love to enjoy Mother Nature’s dramatic, leafy displays. Author Jeff Crider shares autumn color tour tips in the September 2019 issue of Family RVing.
Tips For Prepping An Emergency Kit
Unfortunately, fall is considered hurricane season for many coastal communities. Do you keep an emergency evacuation kit in your RV? FMCA members and bloggers Lyf Uninterrupted share tips on what you should pack. Watch the video.
Fall Events at KOA Campgrounds
Autumn Adventures With KOA
From hayrides to pumpkin carving to wine tastings, big things are happening at KOA campgrounds! Check out the complete list of events and themed weekends taking place at KOA campgrounds across North America this fall.
Blanket Statement

When the temperature dips, there’s nothing like a cozy blanket to curl up with inside the RV or out around the campfire. Adults and kids alike can make their own fleece blanket — no sewing required! 
DIY Blanket with RV Fabric
Select a solid color fabric and a coordinating print; cut fringe around the edges of both; and tie the fringe together. The result: a soft, long-lasting blanket. Fabric stores typically offer a wide selection of fleece fabric patterns, which depict sports teams, cartoon characters, and more. May we suggest an RV print?
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