Monthly Updates - October 2021

Dear Colleague, 

Welcome to the October edition of the SOLVE-CHD monthly updates. This monthly e-newsletter will keep you up to date with the key progress of the SOLVE-CHD projects and provide updates on our events and initiatives. Please
email Julia  ( if you wish to share/add anything from your area that is directly/indirectly related to the SOLVE-CHD program.

  Key Updates and highlights 

A special Congratulations goes out to the following people:

SOLVE CHD AI Prof Gemma Figtree at the University of Syndey for being awarded the Heart Foundation Vanguard Grant 2021 for her project titled: A new paradigm to tackle redox-mediated cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction

- SOLVE CHD Senior Clinical Lecturer Dr Christian Verdicchio for being appointed as the European Association of Preventative Cardiology (EAPC) Young Ambassador for Australia 

- SOLVE CHD Postdoc Research Fellow Dr Matthew Hollings for being appointed as a member of the  University of Sydney Academic Board

- SOLVE CHD PhD Scholarship Receipient Mr Dion Candelaria has recently published a new paper on Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention titled: Shorter Wait Times to Cardiac Rehabilitation Associated With Greater Exercise Capacity Improvements and being awarded the Best Oral Presentation Award at Singapore Prevention & Cardiac Rehabilitation Symposium (SPCRS 2021) 
well done everyone!
SOLVE Researcher Spotlight September
Prof. Tom Briffa
University of Western Australia
Prof Tom Briffa is an experienced cardiovascular health researcher who specialises in epidemiology, health services and data linkage and an exercise physiologist. His research (>130 publications, cited across 87 countries) has led to a paradigm shift that has improved outcomes for survivors of suspected heart attacks through adoption of evidence-based guidelines and national monitoring of cardiovascular events, mortality and behaviour.
Prof Briffa has devoted more than 25 years to examining trends and models of care in cardiovascular disease treatment and management in Australia. His research targets the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and its translation into practice. He works with a network of dynamic health professionals globally from his base at the University of Western Australia. He was a founding member of state, national and international associations for cardiac rehabilitation and has held a variety of honorary positions with the peak health agencies.
Prof Tom Briffa and team have recently been awarded $1M Strategic Grant from The Heart Foundation for the Secondary Prevention project SPANAssisted self-management to prevent new life-threatening events for all in need after a heart attack 
Find out more about Prof Tom Briffa's research here

SOLVE National CR Data Capture Project

In this project we are evaluating and comparing, across Australian jurisdictions, record keeping and data entry as part of routine care in cardiac rehabilitation programs at the commencement of the SOLVE-CHD NHMRC funded program of research and after 4 years. We will also be exploring the usefulness, barriers, and enablers to implementation of the National Cardiac Rehabilitation Quality Indicators. 
Please visit our website to find out more about it or email for more information
SOLVE PhD Scholarships are now open at the University of Sydney, with Deakin and UWA's to follow. Please forward the links to your network and help spread the word. 
PhD Scholarships USYD 

SOLVE CHD Upcoming Webinars 

VIC: SOLVE-CHD Bite size Webinar
The third webinar in this series will be held on this Wednesday 27th October at 3:30pm with guest speaker Prof Tom Briffa who will be speaking on “The changing face of patients referred for cardiac rehabilitation: hospitalisation patterns, medication adherence, and mortality risk”

If you have not received information or a calendar invitation and would like to attend please email Susie via 
NSW: The Future of Cardiac Rehabiliation post COVID World Webinar
The second webinar in this series will be held on this Friday 29th Oct at 2:30pm with guest speaker Prof Robyn Gallagher who will be speaking on "Poor health literacy and cognitive impairment: hidden barriers to lifestyle change" followed by followed by practical content on quality and the opportunity to complete the survey online real-time.
If you didn't receive the invitation and would like to participate, please email for further information

Seeking Volunteer Leaders 

Our friend Heart Support Australia is seeking a Peer Support Volunteer Leader in Orange and Goulbourn. This is a great opportunity to connect with a group of people with heart diseases and provide the best support to each other. If you would like further information on becoming a Peer Support Group Leader please contact Heart Support Australia Phone 02 6253 0097 or email 

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