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FMCA's January Monthly E-Newsletter
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A New You In 2022
The calendar has finally flipped to the new year, bringing with it hopes and dreams for the days ahead. Are you one to make a list of resolutions and dive into them? Or do you pooh-pooh that idea, choosing to live your best life as you’ve already been doing?

Well, how about a compromise? This month we present some ideas for bettering your overall health and outlook. We also share tips on what to look for in a new-to-you RV that you can personalize to your tastes.

The bottom line: If you want it, go for it this year.

Of course, if you prefer to stay the course, that’s fine, too. Read on for info related to FMCA’s upcoming Tucson, Arizona, convention; a new member benefit; and other suggestions for enhancing your RV lifestyle.

Wherever you roam in the next 12 months, we wish you safe and happy journeys. We’ll be with you every mile!

The FMCA Team

FMCAssist Medical Emergency and Travel Assistance Program Comes Through When Needed
My wife fractured her spine and tailbone while on a trip to Denver, Colorado. She was hospitalized on August 2, 2021. She had four surgeries before being released on November 12, 2021. I called FMCAssist, and after reviewing her medical records, they sent a registered nurse to the hospital in Denver. The nurse then escorted her back to our home in Queen Creek, Arizona. They paid for all transportation costs and tips for the skycaps at the airports. She was then flown home in the business-class cabin.

What a great benefit to have. Thank you, FMCA!

Mike & Jane Boden, F463100
Coverage under the FMCAssist Medical Emergency and Travel Assistance Program is automatically included in FMCA family membership dues — no additional fees or enrollment required. Learn more here.
How Do I?

How Do I Stay Healthy While RVing?
Becoming a healthier and better version of yourself is a common New Year’s resolution. But many RVers stay on the go, and it is sometimes hard to remain committed to these goals. Shape shares great ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle while RV living through working out and cooking healthful meals in your RV.

Staying healthy while RVing is about using your resources and your current lifestyle. Your RV can even help you work out! For example, you can use the doorstep for step-ups and leg lifts or lean against the RV for wall planks or wall squats.

While you might not have conventional or standard kitchen appliances in your RV, don’t be afraid to leave your meal prep comfort zone. Consider utilizing premade healthy meals like smoothies or energy bars, and keep a supply of frozen fruits and veggies on hand as staples in your RV. 

Staying healthy while living the RV lifestyle is also more than eating right and exercising. It’s important to get a good night’s rest, maintain good air quality in your RV, and have a clean water source.

With these tips, we hope you’ll accomplish your New Year's resolutions in no time!
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FMCA Adventure

Tips For Buying A Fixer-Upper RV
While you might be focusing on the new “you” this new year, you also may be thinking about renovating a new-to-you RV. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, RV renovation became a trend that shows no signs of waning in 2022. If you are thinking of buying a fixer-upper, shares seven key things to look for before you make your purchase on FMCAdventure. When buying a fixer-upper, look for a fair price and a clear title. Beware of private sellers without a title, even if the vehicles they are selling have a tempting low price. It’s also important to do an in-person inspection of the vehicle before you purchase. That way, you can check for water damage and see the integrity of the RV’s frame, ceiling, floor, axles, and more. “Good bones” are key to creating a strong foundation for your renovation. Once you have found your perfect fixer-upper, look at the listing for the seller’s information and immediately contact them. There are more interested buyers than there are RVs for sale, which means that sellers may receive multiple inquiries every day and sell their units quickly.

With these tips, you’ll be working on the new “you” and your new RV in no time.

FMCA Clubhouse
The Newest FMCA Member Discount - SoftStartRV
Are you looking for a softer start for your RV air conditioner? Or the ability to run your A/C unit(s) using limited power? Well, FMCA and SoftStartRV have you covered! SoftStartRV temporarily reduces the load and torque in the electric current rush of the compressor/motor at startup. This reduces the mechanical stress on the motor, the attached power cables, and the electric delivery network. FMCA members receive a discount on SoftStartRV units. Learn more here!
Fantasy RV Tour
Experience the World's Richest Rodeo This Summer! 
Grab your cowboy hats for this legendary Wild West event – the Calgary Stampede Rally for FMCA members in Alberta, Canada, July 6 through 12, 2022. “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” is a Western celebration packed with chuckwagon races, bucking broncos, barrel racing, live country music, Western shopping, and more! Enjoy the BEST camping location for the event, reserved rodeo seating, and exciting area activities. For more information, call Fantasy RV Tours at (855) 385-3622 or click here.
Sunsets + Saguaros
Sunsets + Saguaros
Join FMCA at the Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson, Arizona, March 23 through 26, 2022. Our 104th International Convention & RV Expo will be packed with education, shopping, socializing, entertainment, and a lot more. Register today!
Campground of the Month
El Pais Motel & Campground, C14129
El Pais Motel & Campground is a unique 1950s, retro-themed boutique motel and campground that invites you to take a stylish step back in time. This rare gem offers vintage motel rooms and tiny homes along with RV rentals, a limited number of RV sites, poolside movies, and an eclectic clubhouse. Located in Tucson, the campground offers sewer, water, and electric hookups; a dump station; Wi-Fi; and showers.
FMCA has hundreds of commercial-member campgrounds that offer discounted stays for FMCA members. Visit our RV Marketplace to find one or more that might fit right into your travel plans.
Things We Like
JP's Blog
Reno Tales
“With the first rip of the vinyl flooring, a wave of apprehension hit my gut. I had that same feeling when we began a big renovation project on our old house back in 2015 before our daughter Aurelia was born.” So begins the story of a 2008 motorhome redo that JP Latkovic tackled with his wife, Jordana. The full-timers wanted a refresh, including a new interior, revamped plumbing, solar additions, and other improvements. Read this post on the FMCAdventure blog about how they jumped into this project.
Paws For Love
If you asked yourself, “Did I read that right?,” you certainly did. The new DogTV platform provides canine-centric programming for your furry friends. This includes shows with animated sequences, dogs, and other animals to prevent boredom and provide mental stimulation for your pets; calming scenes and sounds to induce relaxation; and limited exposure to sounds such as doorbells to acclimate them to auditory experiences.

Pet parents also can enjoy original programs on the platform’s MyDogTV channel. One is the new “Paws For Love” docuseries, which spotlights the adventures of Sean and Christina Conlon and their golden retriever therapy dog, Nash. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the couple sold 90 percent of their possessions and began traveling around the United States in an RV to inspire and encourage others. (You also can read their story in the December 2021 issue of Family RVing or follow them on YouTube.)
RVers' Delight
New Year, New Meal Planning
For many of us, the start of each new year comes with some sort of resolution we’ve made to better ourselves in the upcoming year. Whether your resolutions are to eat healthier, get more exercise, save money, or spend more quality time with family and friends, we likely can agree that progressive change is a good thing.

A resolution you may not have considered, but one that may make your RVing experience more enjoyable, could be meal planning and prepping. Both of these actions could save space in the RV fridge or pantry and lessen your time in the kitchen, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your adventures.

We found this great article — 25 easy rv meal ideas + meal planning tips, written by blogger Nicky Omohundro — that touches on how simple RV cooking can be. She includes meal planning tips and recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and snacks.
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