FMCA Newsletter: Is full-time RVing for you?
FMCA Newsletter: Is full-time RVing for you?
The Mile Marker
Dear RV Friend,
After years of dreaming and talking about it, you’ve finally done it — you’re full-time RVers! No more cutting grass, no more shoveling the driveway, no more mulching the yard, and no more noisy neighbors (well… let’s hope not).
It’s an exciting time for you and your family (maybe a little scary, too). You may be thinking, “Can we really make this happen and live out our dream?” Of course you can with FMCA by your side!
At FMCA headquarters, we work hard so you can enjoy the freedom, fun, and good times that RVing brings. We want to help make sure you’re prepared. So, before you head out on your next journey, check out these RV Essentials brought to you by GoRVing.
The FMCA Team

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Why We Love FMCA
Becoming full-timers, we wanted to make sure we had a full-timers' insurance policy. Thanks to FMCA's help, our policy is now in full effect, and it was quick and easy.
—Will and Britta Brown, F481545
Get the Best Rates   
FMCA members have access to exclusive savings on RV, auto, and home insurance through FMCA RV Insurance. 
How Do I?
Full-Timing Tips  

If you’re considering RVing full-time, here are some points to ponder, compliments of FMCA’s Full Timers chapter:

1. Since it’s easier to obtain a loan for an RV if you own a house, don't sell your house until you buy an RV — unless you pay cash.
2. Can you be away from grandkids, workshop, hobbies, etc.?
3. Can you spend 24/7 with your traveling partner?
4. Check on health insurance coverage.
5. Learn about residence versus domicile: wills, voting, drivers license, vehicle license.
6. Don't buy a campground membership until you decide what type of camping you prefer and where you want to travel.
7. How are you going to get your mail?
8. Will you be working on the road?
9. Consider communication: phones, internet, etc.

The Full Timers chapter holds how-to classes at FMCA conventions (up next: Wanted in Wyoming July 18 through 21). Did you know FMCA members rally and mingle in nearly 400 subgroups organized by geographic area, RV brand, special interest, etc.? Learn more about chapter opportunities when you join FMCA.

Mail, Simplified
FMCA’s official mail forwarding provider, Your Best Address, C13323, offers a solution for full-timers. Obtain a South Dakota mailbox and address through the company. Have your mail sent there, and it will be forwarded to the location you specify on a weekly, bimonthly, or monthly basis. FMCA-member rates begin at $12 a month; plus, sign up for one year and receive two months free. Additional services include vehicle registration (no charge for the first vehicle) and South Dakota residency sign-up support. 

FMCA Clubhouse
Grab Your Cowboy Hat! 
Fantasy RV Tours offers many FMCA member-only RV adventures, including the 2019 Rally at the Calgary Stampede Finals. “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” is packed with Western fun, food, and festivities! You’ll enjoy the best camping location for the event, reserved rodeo seating, and exciting activities. Visit or call 855-385-3622.
Winnebago Revel Your RV Will Breakdown....Free Quote DISHForMyRV
Thank You For Your Service
Are you a veteran or active-duty member of the military? If so, FMCA has a special offer for you. Join FMCA and save $10 on your membership dues. 
America's Largest RV Show 10 Questions to ask about service and support before buying an RV Connect On The Go Verizon
Visit the Association Calendar to view FMCA events.
Cammpground Savings
Passport America
Stay & Save with FMCA
Passport America

FMCA has a partnership with Passport America, a 50% discount camping club. Learn more.
In addition, FMCA gives members other ways to save at campgrounds, including discounts for KOA campgrounds and FMCA's private campground located in Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Many campgrounds join FMCA as business members and offer exclusive discounts to FMCA members. Visit Campground Connections
Workamper News  
Workamper News has been connecting RV enthusiasts with potential employers since 1987. Founders Greg and Debbie Robus coined the phrase “workamper,” which is commonly used to describe RVers who combine travel with work. Workamper News helps to fill positions for campground hosts, seasonal jobs, or even full-time digital or sales careers.
Take Risks Book
We're The Russos
In 2015, Joe and Kait Russo left the corporate world to embrace a minimalist life on the road. They have since chronicled their RV adventures on their YouTube channel and website. Recently, Joe published a book titled Take Risks: One Couple’s Journey to Quit Their Jobs And Hit The Open Road. This first-person account will interest especially those considering full-time RVing. 
RV Travel Planner 
Bryan and Luann Street, F458379, are full-time RVers and creators of The Complete RV Travel Planner. They produce resources for RVers on their blog Where the Streets Wander. Their mission is to inspire, educate, and encourage others to make the most of their RV lifestyle.

Along the Way
Kanagroos in campground
Fantasy RV Tour of Australia
and New Zealand 
Chuck Borcher, F164191
Fourth of July Party
Celebrating Independence Day
in Bar Harbor, Maine 

Sue Hankins, F395564
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Movie Night at campground
RVers Delight
Movie Night at the Campsite 

What better way to embrace summer than a DIY "drive-in" at your RV site? It’s a great way to meet your neighbors.

  • White bed sheet or blanket
  • Clips
  • String
  • Two sturdy trees
  • Chairs
  • Projector (Try making your own DIY projector
  • Cellphone
  • Bluetooth speaker, if using a DIY cardboard projector
  • Streaming app (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.)
  • Snacks and drinks
DIY Drive-In
1. Tie the string between two sturdy trees at the top and bottom.

2. Use the clips to fasten the sheet or blanket to the string.

3. Place the chairs at a comfortable distance from the screen.

4. Connect your phone to the projector (or Bluetooth speaker if utilizing a cardboard projector).

5. Connect to your streaming app and find a movie.

6. Bring out the snacks (popcorn, s’mores, raisins, etc.). 

7. Hit “play”!
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