December 1, 2020

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NEW Welding Simulator!
Riverland Perkins Consortia recently purchased the Lincoln Electric Welding Simulator with Carl D. Perkins grant dollars.  This welding simulator will be shared by the Riverland Perkins Consortia districts for virtual welding exploration for students.  The simulator has been in use at Glenville-Emmons High School in Mr. Larson's classes and will head off to the next school district later this month.
The VRTEX® Virtual Reality Welding Simulation Trainer is designed to blend with traditional welding training at every education level, from exploratory career pathways to the evaluation of prospective employees.  Virtual trainers supplement and enhance the welding instructor's ability to attract, engage, and train students in a cost-effective method.

In the next two weeks... 

  • SMEC Alumni Network development
  • Add professionals and companies to FutureForward
  • SMEC-Riverland Partnership Concept Map
  • PSEO Advising development
  • Youth Skills Training grant request for proposal (due Dec. 4)
  • SMEC Principal and Admin. Council meetings (Dec. 10)
  • Riverland Partnership meeting (Dec. 11)
December is Construction Month
Your referrals are needed! 
The best way to engage your students is to connect them with local employers!  Send me on a mission to connect with local plumbers, electricians, carpenters, craftsmen, and any other construction professionals.  The best way to do this is to fill out the referral form below and be sure to let them know that I will be contacting them soon!
Referral Form
Staff Page on District Websites
With help from Isabelle Larson, I added my Staff Page to the district websites for Southland and Glenville-Emmons.  I would love to add my information to all of the websites for the districts I serve.  Please let me know who I need to connect with to accomplish this.
Click the screenshot to view my Staff Page!
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