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Saving the Lives of Veterans and First Responders with PTSD
April 2019  

Updates from a Graduate!

Warrior support dog Doc graduated from New Life K9's last year and now is doing work in the veteran center at CSU Channel Islands. Below are some testimonials from people Doc has been able to help during his time at the University.
"On some of my hardest days, I have gone over to the Veterans Center seeking a quick moment of solace and have found joy in spending time with Doc, whether this is by going on a walk or simply sitting next to him. Visiting with Doc is always special because he brightens up the room and brings people together – I have been able to meet and interact with students I never would have been able to without Doc, because he is the common bond bringing us together. Staff and students alike rely on their visits with Doc as being a special part of their day, and having him join at events also increases the number of participants – people will show up simply because they know Doc will be there...Thank you to those that made this possible; Doc has truly made an everlasting and positive impact."

"As an eight year veteran going back to school, I was mostly worried about being too old to relate to anyone on campus. I found my way to the Veteran office to try and relate to other Veterans who were dealing with the same issue...Although I found a few friends at my first semester on CSUCI, I can not tell you how much joy Doc has brought to our tiny community in the Veteran office. We get students from other departments who aren't veterans and instantly we can relate to them because Doc bridges that gap for us older students. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have another form of support throughout our transitional period from the military!"

"Since Doc has arrived...I actually have come out of my shell a little bit more to socialize with other veterans. That is just what Doc has done for me personally, but what I see him do for other students is absolutely incredible. There are more people in and out of the vet center, just to see Doc. He will lay with the students while they’re studying, and it seems to really de-stress them...He always has energy to drag the multitude of students that come in to walk him around campus, and he is always in the mood to play if you pick up a toy. It brings joy to not only the people playing with Doc, but everyone in the vet center."

Memorial Day Jam

Come out to Avila Beach on May 27 to support and honor our country's Veterans. You'll be able to see the '60's rock and roll band, "Unfinished Business", and semi-finalist on the NBC television show "The Voice", Pryor Baird! 
All proceeds from the concert are donated to organizations that work to help improve the lives of disabled Veterans, including New Life K9s. 
Buy your tickets today to join us for great music and an even better cause!
Volunteers are still needed to assist with parking, admission and other areas. Find out more and sign up on their website.  
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SLO Farmer's Market

Join us at the farmer's market in San Luis Obispo on May 23 for an evening of great food, live music, fresh local produce and opportunities to connect with the community. 

Follow the link below to get more information! 
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Who is New Life K9s?

Learn more about New Life K9s and the experinces of people involved with our program in a new video on our Youtube channel.  
In addition to explanations from our staff of the work we do, veterans, first responders and inmates share their stories about how time spent with New Life has changed their lives. 
The Video

Our April Thank You!

We wanted to give a shout out to Trilogy at the Monarch Dunes Service Club for their fundraiser and the 6th Grade Class of Branch Elementary for dedicating their Community Service Night to New Life this month! 
It is because of your help that we are able keep running the programs focused on saving the lives of first responders and veterans. We are so grateful to all the supporters and donors that allow the work we do to continue!
If your organization would like to see a New Life K9s presentation please contact us through our website.
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New Life K9s

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