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May 5, 2015    May 11, 2015
Introducing Lincoln WealthAdvantage Indexed UL
Lincoln introduces the newest member in its indexed UL portfolio, Lincoln WealthAdvantage Indexed UL. Designed for clients with a conservative market outlook who want to balance guaranteed features and growth potential, Lincoln WealthAdvantage Indexed UL offers cost efficient death benefit protection with cash value when protection is the focus, and effective tax-advantaged growth potential with opportunities for tax-efficient income when cash value growth and distribution are the focus.
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 John Hancock
New Jersey Approves Vitality
The new Vitality Rider has been approved in NJ.  This program gives you points for living a healthy lifestyle, lets you achieve a “vitality status” and get rewarded.
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Supporting Our National Accounts
We are excited to announce new investments in talent and resources to support our top national distribution partners and their clients. These investments are designed to:
  • Provide more and deeper support to our national distribution partners
  • Assist our wholesalers and sales leaders in identifying and executing strategies to drive sales with our national distribution partners
  • Better align our efforts across national distribution organizations and the banks, wirehouses and broker-dealers they service
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 Minnesota Life
#1 in Cash Accumulation IUL Sales in 2013 and 2014
Minnesota Life and Securian Life, a New York authorized insurer, ranked #1 in total Accumulation IUL sales in 2013 and 2014.
Thank you for making us #1 in total indexed universal life cash accumulation sales two years in a row! We are committed to you and our policyholders, dedicated to providing you with competitive products and excellent service to help you succeed in the marketplace.
AG Choice Index GUL Discontinued
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Certain Annuity Products To Be Discontinued Effective June 1, 2015
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Implement Compelling Sales Approach in Just 20 Minutes
Our turn-key program provides a complete training package and action items to show producers how to turn “retirement insurance” opportunities into life insurance sales. Program includes training invite, scripted presentation and recommended follow up action plan and tools to leverage this business growth opportunity.
New Sales Idea: Leverage Potential IUL Cash Value Growth for Chronic Illness Expense Protection
The Value+ IUL provides the opportunity for cash value to grow based in part on some outside index. Over time, if the cash value grows high enough, it could increase the chronic illness payout.
Chronic Illness Protection on IUL vs GUL
Value+ IUL offers strong guaranteed protection to age 81 and requires a lower premium than GUL, which could save your clients money for the same chronic illness protection.
Value+ IUL Now Available in California
Our newest protection-focused IUL product which offers strong, flexible life protection at a market-leading price is now available in California.
Learn More about the Differences Between LTC and CI Riders
Attend a live training session via webinar that provides a clear explanation of the differences between chronic illness accelerated benefit riders and long–term care riders. For your convenience, two different sessions are available
Updated Reinsurance and Retention Limits for Classic UL and SUL-G
Updated retention and automatic binding limits are now available for Symetra’s Classic UL and SUL-G products. Effective May 1, our automatic binding limits increased from $25 million to $35 million for ages 0-80. With these new limits, we can provide even more underwriting flexibility and competitive positioning in the guaranteed universal life space.
Please refer to our Classic UL and SUL-G Retention and Automatic Reinsurance Guides for more details on our policy limits.
MetLife Secure Flex Universal life Product Update Effective May 1, 2015
Effective May 1st, 2015, the Overloan Protection Rider (OPR) will no longer be available on MetLife Secure Flex Universal Life. However, OPR will still be available on Equity Advantage Variable Universal LifeSM.
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Retail Life: Revised Build Charts for Standard and Substandard Classifications
MetLife has revised our height and weight charts for the standard and substandard classifications
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MetLife Solutions Updated to Make 'Life' Easier
Updates to the Illustration System are scheduled to become effective May 1.
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Show Clients the Importance of a Current Business Valuation
Our new white paper focuses on the critical role an accurate business valuation plays in an effective buy-sell agreement.
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Success Story
Read how an informal business valuation helped the owner of a very successful, closely held business establish an effective succession plan.
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Requirements for Adverse Underwriting Decisions and Notices – VA
The Commonwealth of Virginia has issued Administrative Letter 2015-07.
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Using the Nationwide LTC Rider with Business Clients
Now that the Nationwide long-term care rider is available on select business life insurance products, you have a number of ways to use it and add value for your business clients, such as including the LTC rider on insurance-based retirement plans. This will let you help business owner clients invest more for their own retirement, potentially accumulate gains tax deferred and take tax-free income during retirement.
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State Approval
Accordia Life’s Products and Riders – Available for Sale in CT, effective May 5, 2015.
Discontinuance of Outdated, Low-Producing Products
As Transamerica upgrades its main administration operating system, we have taken the opportunity to evaluate the product portfolio and determine which products continue to meet consumer needs, deliver sales at minimum production thresholds and maintain alignment with the market conditions for which they were designed.
As a result of the review, we determined that the following products, which represent less than a combined 2% of overall production, are outdated and would not deliver the production to offset the cost of transitioning them to the new administration system. The following products will be discontinued, effective June 6, 2015:
  • TransProtector®
  • TransSecure® II
  • TransSecure® II NY
  • TransUltra® Select SP 2006
  • TransUltra® SP 2006
  • TransUltra® SP NY
  • TransUltra Plus® 2006
  • ROP Rider on Trendsetter® Super 20
  • ROP Rider on Trendsetter® Super 30
  • Inherent ROP for Trendsetter® Super 20 in Florida
    (Trendsetter® Super 20 without ROP is still available for sale)
  • Inherent ROP for Trendsetter® Super 30 in Florida
    (Trendsetter®Super 30 without ROP is still available for sale)
Removing these products from our product portfolio will enable us to focus on designing more innovative and customer-centric products that better address consumer needs and can be incorporated into the new administration system.
Applications must be signed, dated and received in good order in the Cedar Rapids administrative office by close of business on Friday, June 5, 2015.
Brief Contact Center Closure on May 13   
The Cedar Rapids Transamerica Contract & Licensing, Compensation and Inforce Contact Centers will close from 3 to 4:45 p.m. CT Wednesday, May 13, for an employee event. During the closure, TransACT® and My Transamerica will be available to obtain information on policies. Regular phone and email coverage will resume at 4:45 p.m. CT, but for immediate assistance, contact your sales representative. We regret any inconvenience this closure may cause and appreciate your business.
Is Customer Premier II Right for Your Clients?
How do you decide the appropriate life insurance protection for your clients? Client Profiles compares some of our permanent life insurance options, including Custom Premier II, across various important criteria to help you.
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Charitable Planning with Clients
Prudential's Charitable Planning marketing kit aggregates valuable content from Advanced Markets, offering insights to help uncover even more impact and how to measure achieving clients' personal giving goals.
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 Mutual of Omaha
New Term Life Express Face Amounts Now on Quotes for Sales Professionals
The new Term Life Express face amounts are now updated and available on the Quotes for Sales Professionals mobile quoting application. If you have the auto update feature enabled for your Android or iOS devices, this update should be pushed out to you automatically. If you still notice the old face amounts ($400,000 maximum), please check either the Google Play or Apple App Store to see if the update is available, but please note carrier and device restrictions may apply.
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It's Disability Insurance Awareness Month
Increase awareness of the need for Disability Insurance during May!
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Don't Forget about Deferred Income Protector - Now Available
A new deferred income annuity product, Deferred Income Protector, is now available as of May 1, 2015.
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Consider GUL With the Guaranteed Refund Option for an Alternative to ROP Term Life
If your clients like Term Life insurance with an ROP option, they may like Guaranteed Universal Life with a Guaranteed Refund Option rider even better.
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Make Sure Your Clients "FIT" into Lower Rates
The FIT credit program lets your clients move up to two tables. Be sure to get the best rates for your clients.
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New Term Life Express Face Amounts Now on Quotes for Sales Professionals
The Quotes for Sales Professionals mobile application for Android and iOS devices has been updated to reflect changes in Term Life Express.
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Term Life Express Enhancements Now Available
Term Life Express now has a number of enhancements including the removal of the oral fluid requirement across all face amounts.
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Long-Term Care Prospecting Material
Be sure to use the new LTCi prospecting material that is available for you.
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Support at Every Step of the DI Sale
Learn more about the DI sales process in these weekly step-by-step flyers.
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 American National
SPIA with 5-9 Year Payouts
For guaranteed income your clients can’t outlive. Access funds after 3 years, with partial withdrawal or full surrender available.
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Lifetime Income Riders
Assume you have a 64 year old who wishes to purchase a $100,000 Indexed Annuity with a Fixed Lifetime Income Rider and he would like to begin receiving income at age 74. How would the ANICO Strategy Indexed Annuity PLUS Fixed Lifetime Income Rider Annual Income Compare?
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