Gary and his grandughter at camp

From the Camp Director,

After a very slow year last summer, it feels really good to be tired from having a lot of campers come back to Hanging Rock. We have served 907 campers just in June. WOW!!!  Everything is going well, we have had several things decide to break on us this summer, which is challenging. In one day, we had the pool controller, the bottom oven, tractor clutch & dishwasher break at the same time we had 140 Jr.High students, 13 5th-6th grade Horse Campers and 18 5th-6th grade paintball campers. But, we are having Camp!!! Praise the Lord! I would much rather feel the stress of things breaking and have camp than not. It looks like we will still be 250 kids down from the 2019 numbers. But, kids are being challenged in their faith, and growing closer to Christ! Several kids have made first time committments to Christ. 
We do ask that you keep us in your prayers as we have 15 more camp sessions to go through in July. If you are looking for somewhere to donate and want to help us with the repairs of camp, we would love for you to partner with us in that endeavor. 
We have a great group of summer staff that are really working hard and building relationships with our campers & faculty. If you are looking for a place to volunteer we could use some more volunteers. Ben Hannum is finished as our Maintenance Director, and our new Maintenance Director does not arrive until August 2nd. Casey Isdell, our Building and Grounds Manager,  could use some help with fixing things around the camp and mowing. Let us know if you can come and give him a hand. 
One of our biggest challenges this year is the fact that we are having a hard time finding faculty. We are struggling with having enough faculty for each camp session. If you would like to help with 5th & 6th Grade Main it is not too late. You can fill out a faculty application online and we can connect you to Stacey Smith, the Event Coordinator. 
Thanks for all your prayers and support,
Gary Baker, Executive Director
Hanging Rock Christian Camp

Great is Thy Faithfuness Campaign Update,

At our annual meeting we kicked off our new campaign to help continue to improve activities and facilities here at Hanging Rock. Our first challenge is to raise the money to remodel the girl's bathrooms. We need to raise $40,000 to do all 4 bathrooms in the girl's dorm. We have raised $35,000 so far. We are hoping that by the end of July we have that fully funded and can start in November. The second project we are raising money for is to rebuild our zipline. We need $50,000 to make that happen. We are hoping we can have that raised by the end of the year. Finally we need to raise $80,000 to remodel the Hanging Rock Hilton. We are adding private bathrooms to each of the 8 rooms. We are asking for 2 year committments to help fund this campaign. You can click the tab below to let us know you can help. 
Great is Thy Faithfulness Campaign
From the Kitchen,
What day of the week is it? What month are we in? What is for lunch today? Those are all questions I think I ask daily or people ask me daily. Summer camp is a great time of the year and it is why we exist as a Camp, but it can be stressful and crazy! I know Gary mentioned in his article about some items that went down in the kitchen, but I wanted to take this moment to thank Ben Hannum, Casey Isdell and Mikey Bennett for their assistance in getting things back up and running for me and my crew. When the dishwasher went down, during our biggest week of the summer, I wanted to cry. How were we going to wash 240+ trays, cups, forks, knives, and spoons? But my crew stepped up and washed all of that by hand! Shoutout to the dishwashers: Sully, Lauren, Eli, and Sarah! Then the oven decided it needed a break, with just a few days before Marinara Monday (pizza day)! How was I going to cook 32 pizzas with only one oven? Both occasions I called Ben and Casey and they were quick to come look at it, diagnose the problem and get the appropriate parts ordered and installed. So, thanks to those guys for their hard work!

With that being said, the kitchen is a happening place! We served over 3,200 meals during Jr. High Main camp, 5th & 6th grade horse and 5th & 6th grade paintball camp! I am looking for help the rest of the summer to give my staff a little relief. If you are willing to help in the kitchen, please let me know. I am looking for people to help prep food, serve, clean up for all 3 meals. You can reach me via email at or by calling the office. Thank you for your support and dedication to helping us reach kids for Christ! 

Also thank you so much for all the paper towels, dish soap and sandwich baggies. 

Todd Blair, Associate Director
Hanging Rock Christian Camp

Downlaodable Registration Page

From Our Missionaries,

During the last 22 years, over 16,000 babies have been born at the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission Birthing Center, but it's time for an upgrade and expansion! We're building a brand-new facility to be a place where mothers can receive education, prenatal care, give birth to their baby in a clean safe environment, and then receive follow-up attention. This facility will also include new dorms on the top level for medical teams to stay while they treat patients in our Birthing Center, Clinic, and Surgery Suites. 
We are thrilled to be the 2021 mission focus at Hanging Rock Christian Assembly and for the opportunity to spend time with campers and faculty from so many different churches across the area! So far the summer is going great and we are about halfway toward meeting the $10,000 summer goal at HRCA! Come to camp...we'll see you there!
- In the Service of the King -

Sam Guilliams
Executive Director

July Summer Camp Dates:

  • 3rd & 4th Grade Main - July 4-7, 2021 - Available
  • 5th & 6th Grade Wilderness - July 4-7, 2021 - Available
  • 3rd & 4th Grade Wilderness - July 8-10, 2021 - Available
  • Mother/Daughter Camp - July 8-10, 2021 - Available
  • 5th & 6th Grade Main - July 11-15, 2021 - Available
  • 7th & 8th Grade Wilderness - July 11-15, 2021 - Full
  • High School Boys Camp - July 15-18, 2021 - Full
  • NYR - High School Wilderness July 16-24, 2021 - Full
  • Last Chance Camp 5th-8th Grade - July 18-22 - Available
  • 7th-8th Horse Camp - July 18-22 - Full
  • Mission Crossfire 5th & 6th Grade - Available
  • Joy Camp - July 23-25, 2021 - Available
  • Lafayette Urban Camp - July 26-30 - Full
  • 1st & 2nd Grade Overnight - July 30-31, 2021 - Available
  • Family fishing Camp - July 30-31, 2021 - Available


Road Closed: 

July 1-14 the railroad crossing in West Lebanon will be closed. If you are heading to the camp from the North you will want to continue on to Hwy 63 and go South. Come in to the camp from the South. 
There is a short cut on 350 which turns in to 3rd St and runs in to 263 in West Lebanon, if you don't mind back roads and twists and turns feel free to use that route.

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