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from The Greenspan Floortime Approach®
28 June 2017

Dr Greenspan's Works:

A Comprehensive Model and a Comprehensive Program

Dr. Greenspan was very specific about how he used his comprehensive DIR Model (now The Learning Tree) to set and prioritize goals for children. He focused on the big picture (his functional emotional milestones), and made sure every goal was achieved through motivating and fun thinking-based activities. These standards made sure the experience was meaningful, and based on natural contexts where each child was learning from real experiences, not just learning to use someone else’s idea or answer. 
He felt that these principals and techniques need to be integrated into every environment and context a child spends time: with family, with peers, with therapists, with teachers, etc. When the families he worked with were able to do this, and create a truly comprehensive program, the results they helped their child achieve were above and beyond the expected norm for that diagnosis. 
Unfortunately, currently many professionals and families are not using his work in a fully comprehensive manner, and are losing oppertunieites by not getting his results.  Fortunately Dr. Greenspan left us a guide.  Please listen to the accompanying audio clips to understand how he created comprehensive programs, and what he felt was necessary to achieve optimal development.  You can also learn about his ideas, and how to use them in all components of a child’s program, at The Greenspan Floortime Approach 2017 International Conference this October.     
 THE GREENSPAN FLOORTIME APPROACH® 2017 International Conference
When: October 21 and 22, 2017

Where: Deauville Beach Resort, Miami, FL

Dr. Greenspan always envisioned a facility that fully integrated his philosophy and techniques into all facets of its programs.  It wasn’t until the start of The Floortime Center® that his vision became reality. 

Come and listen to the directors of The Floortime Center®, Jake Greenspan and Tim Bleecker, discuss The Greenspan Floortime Approach® and the Learning Tree Model. They will also discuss how to integrate Greenspan Floortime into all facets of a child's program.
Throughout the presentations they will discuss how to improve,
  • Attention and Compliance

  • Interaction and Communication

  • Self-regulation: sensory and emotional

  • Eye contact and Visual processing

  • Relationships

  • Self-stimulatory behaviors

  • Aggressive behaviors

  • Avoidant behaviors

 Keynotes Include:
  • Dr. Golnar Abedin, the Founder and Director of Creative Minds International Public Charter School. A public school that uses Greenspan Floortime therapeutically and as a Social Emotional Curriculum for all students.
  • Romina Labe and Maria Ines Herrera, the directors of The Floortime Center® Santiago Chile
  • Jiselle Velazquez, The Floortime Center’s head Occupational Therapist
  • Dyan Spruill, The Floortime Center’s head Speech and Language Pathologist
  • John Balsley, The Floortime Center’s Visuo-Cognitive Therapist and a direct trainee of Dr. Harry Wachs, 
  • Jiselle and Dyan, the multidisciplinary Foodtime™ therapy team at The Floortime Center, will additionally present an important and informative lecture on feeding challenges. 


    Dr. Greenspan's Story
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