Bi-Weekly Update from MVP Financial Services
Bi-Weekly Update from MVP Financial Services
    Bi-Weekly Update from MVP Financial Services, Inc.               04/13/2021    
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DIY Quotes & Illustrations
iGo Electronic Applications
Quick Apps & Drop Tickets
Shorten the Sales Cycle
Avoid stalled deals and client procrastination with the goal of shortening the sales cycle and helping clients make a decision faster and with less effort. Motivate clients to take action by uncovering the reasons for inaction and understanding the importance of client goals in the sales process. 
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Retirement Protection
While it is common for families to insure against risks that will impact their financial security during working years, such as premature death or disability, it is far less common for them to insure against risk in retirement. 
When risk events occur, permanent life insurance can be used to preserve, and even replenish, lost financial capital. Show clients and prospects how permanent life insurance can help them face the biggest retirement risks. 
Accelerated Underwriting
Tips for Working Virtually
Electronic Policy Delivery
Prevent Unrealistic Expectation
Less than 10% of Applicants Qualify for Best Underwriting Class. 
Your clients may look healthy, but that is no indication that the underwriting process won’t uncover something from a mortality point of view. 
Use MVP’s Underwriting Criteria Questionnaire to quote the right classification the first time without setting unrealistic expectations for the underwriting outcome. 
Underwriting Marijuana Use
April 20 has become known as "weed day" and with this date approaching, it is a good reminder of the long-term mortality risks considered when underwriting marijuana users. 
Whether marijuana use is legalized in your state or not, you may have clients and prospects who use it. To "weed" out the usage (pun intended), and avoid surprises, use our Underwriting Criteria Questionnaire above, and reference our Marijuana Use Guidelines to navigate how various carriers contemplate this risk factor.

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