Hard work pays off!!! With a little play...........
Hard work pays off!!! With a little play...........

Taylor's Heart February trip...

We went down with work in mind as we took a mechanic with us to repair and maintain the vehicles the orphanage relies on.
Dan taught his crew basic maintenance, like oil, fuel, and air filter changes. He showed them how to change the shocks, remove and replace a tire, as well as belts, an alternator, starter and other engine parts.
Thanks Dan for sharing your time and knowledge !!! 

Central Christian Church....

Taylor's Heart February trip was scheduled alongside Central Christian Church's annual youth trip to Door of Faith Orphanage across the La Mision valley. 
On Saturday, multiple groups of youth from Central came over to Buena Vida to paint the bunkhouse (seen white above, behind Coyote) and visit the kids.
The youth crew made lunch for Buena Vida and staff, played volleyball, and got to visit with the kids and staff.

By the end of the day.....

Our Central youth crew got some major color on the walls! Thank you Central, for partnering with us at Buena Vida Orphanage!

Meet Marjuan !!!

The newest to join Buena Vida, he is 10 years old. He loves his new family!
We were delighted to meet this sweet, well mannered, bilingual boy!

Baby Leah is warming up to Taylor... 
She is 17 months old now, walking, talking, and chasing the kids around!
She is such a sweetheart!

Through donors like you....

Taylor's Heart was able to provide all of the car maintenance and repair parts for the vehicles. With your generous donations, we bought 25 gallons of paint for the bunkhouse, along with many rollers, brushes, and other supplies for this project!  
Taylor's Heart ended the weekend with our grocery store excursion in Tijuana. With your continuous support, we provide a consistent budget foundation for Buena Vida's monthly operating expenses, provide the funds for the propane tanks to be filled, and relieve the stressed budget by loading up on fresh groceries every time we get the chance to visit!  
Thank you for your generous support! 

Prayer Targets:

  • Pray for the children who come in to this beautiful family to come to know the love of God, and have a stable and loving place to call home. Pray that God would lead more children into this Buena Vida, aka "good life".

  • Continue to pray for Buena Vida as they take in more children, for a widened donor base to support this growing family and growing budget.

  • Continue to pray that construction wraps up soon on the bunkhouse, so Buena Vida has an additional source of income when groups come to stay and visit.

Thank you!

The Taylor's Heart Crew
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