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November Newsletter 2016
November Newsletter 2016
Letter from the Board
Voting: an opportunity to participate, to voice your choice, to be a thread in the fabric of the unfolding future, at least that is how I value my 
Co-op membership vote.

The Co-op Board of Directors Election is currently underway, with three positions open for members to fill. Co-op Directors take part in strategic planning, set goals and act as ambassadors for the Co-op. Directors also review, monitor, and evaluate the practices of the Co-op, on an on going basis. This review, monitoring, and evaluating of practices ensures members that the store goals and strategic plans are within the policy guidelines representing YOU, as an owner.

The seven members elected by you, work as a team, in equal balance, to represent the local economic success and social food justice the Co-op strides for.

Your opportunity to vote for the Co-op Board of Directors ends Friday November 11th. I ask you to participate and voice your choice for who will represent you, and give this 2016 BOD election the highest turnout ever!
Laurie Niles
Board of Directors 
2016 Annual Owner Meeting
The Co-op celebrated our 2016 annual owner dinner on October 7 th at the ARC Pavilion. This year’s event was the best attended owner dinner in recent memory, with more than 140 owners, friends, and family arriving to enjoy each other’s company. The Co-op kitchen prepared a wonderful meal comprised of savory appetizers, a sumptuous selection of entrees for every dietary persuasion, and toothsome sweet-breads for dessert. 

The meeting itself consisted of three sections. The night kicked off with Natalie Carter, the President of the Board of Directors, speaking to the Board’s vision for the Co-op and the unique rewards of serving on the Board. Second on the agenda was Liza Tedesco, the General Manager, who delivered a stirring and informative State of the Co-op address.  The final section of the meeting was an open forum where Co-op owners came on-stage and shared personal memories they had formed at the Co-op. Some stories were funny, some sweet, and all spoke to the enduring impact the Co-op has had on our community.
The Co-op Board of Directors Election is in full swing here at the co-op. Participating in our B.O.D. election empowers our community to have a say directly in the governance of our community-owned grocery store. 
We have six candidates 
running for three seats.

Please  refer to the 2016 candidate guide to learn more about the candidates. You can find the candidate guide in the store or on our website. Voting takes place at Chico Natural Foods Cooperative from 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM by paper ballot. Voting ends Nov. 11th and winners will be announced Nov. 18th. Happy Voting!
Be on the look out for these two new additions to the Hot Bar menu. 
Local Butternut Squash Lasagna
With gluten free noodles, mushrooms and spinach-walnut pesto.

Diestel Ground Turkey
Tomato Sauce Served over steamed spaghetti squash. Dairy and grain free.

Oyster Mushroom Chowder
With oyster mushrooms from Turkey Tail Farms and Llano Seco Bacon.
Jovial Organic Diced, Crushed & Peeled Tomatoes
Let’s Do Organic Organic Coconut Baking Products
Lundberg Family Farms Select 1lb Bags Wild & Jubilee Rice
Oregon Chai Chai Concentrates
Simply 7 Quinoa Chips
Suzie’s Organic Salted Crackers
Tanka Buffalo Bars, Bites & Sticks
Wild Planet Albacore & Skipjack Tuna
Woodstock All Frozen Vegetables
Meat Epic Beef Tallow Oil, Duck Fat Oil & Berkshire Pork Lard

Acure Body Lotions
Similasan Eye Relief Eye Drops

Nature’s Way All Umcka Cold Care Products
Oregon’s Wild Harvest Select Herbal Supplements in Capsules

Organic Produce Lemons in 2lb Bags
Organic Produce Russet Potatoes in 5lb Bags

Co-op Kitchen
Co-op Kitchen Autumn Rice Salad
Co-op Bakery Vegan Pumpkin Caramels

Bulk Grain Organic Gluten-Free Rolled Oats

Miso Master All Organic Misos
So Delicious Almond and Coconut Milk Creamers

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