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Photo of scales of justice


Defending democracy: Kellogg visiting fellows work toward justice in their native countries

In the spirit of this year’s Notre Dame Forum focusing on The Future of Democracy, here are the stories of Nazarii Stetsyk and Juan Sebastián Chamorro, two visiting fellows currently participating in the Kellogg Institute for International Studies residential program. Their stories illustrate two of the ways that democracy can be threatened or dissolved.
The Future of Democracy Forum event ad - Civility and Bipartinsanship in a Time of Polarization and Gridlock - Friday October 27


Researchers use AI to track chemo complications, help families fighting pediatric cancer

In Mexico, cancer is the second leading cause of death of children. Families travel a significant distance to specialty hospitals for chemotherapy treatment. When a patient leaves the hospital after treatment, there is no system to follow up on their recovery or outcome. Read how the Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society is teaming up with others to solve this problem.
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The theory that men evolved to hunt and women evolved to gather is wrong

Cara Ocobock, assistant professor of anthropology and director of the Human Energetics Laboratory, and Sarah Lacy wrote an article in Scientific American suggesting that what we thought we knew about hunters/gatherers may be all wrong. Read the story here
Photo of Jack Swarbrick, Jill Bodensteiner and others


Jack Swarbrick, Jill Bodensteiner testify at congressional hearing on college athletics and NIL

Jack Swarbrick, the University’s vice president and James E. Rohr Director of Athletics and a 1976 graduate, was joined by fellow Notre Dame alumna Jill Bodensteiner, class of ’91, vice president and director of athletics at Saint Joseph’s University, at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing examining the changing landscape of college sports and the urgent need for federal regulatory and legislative action.


A woman clothed with the sun

A closer look at Mary on the Golden Dome shows her standing on a globe, with a crescent moon and a serpent under her feet. Read about this depiction of Mary and its significance in Notre Dame Stories.

photos of electric scooters


Personal Electric Vehicles policy review and feedback

A University working group of student, faculty and staff representation was recently convened to review on-campus Personal Electric Vehicles (PEV) policies and protocols, including the use of e-scooters and e-bikes. Find out how you can contribute feedback here
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