It’s Our 15 Year Anniversary!
Our Gift to YOU - $20 off!!

Warm Greetings to you!!!

Alexander Technical Resources is offering, for a short time only, the WBCT
at a discounted price!  It is normally $119!!!

For Mac or PC

Get a cleanup every year to keep your machine running like new!!!
Protect your data, money & sensitive information from those who wish you harm!!!

Click here, ENTER CODE 15ANNIV at checkout to get $20 off!

Did you know?  Professionals recommend a cleanup on your computer at least once a year.

You do your spring cleaning every year, get your teeth cleaned twice a year and have your car serviced a few times each year.

Your computer is just another machine that needs to be serviced at least annually.

Your computer works hard for you - and it most likely runs constantly day in and day out.

Keep it running perfectly with our World’s Best Computer Tune-up®.

There is no other cleanup in the world that goes to such depths as our WBCT®. 

Most people can do the simple things to service their machines but our experts go deeper than anyone else to make your machine run like new. 

Today’s technology changes so fast we can barely keep up!  If you upgraded to Windows 10, your machine is probably fraught with resource stealing, spying and advertising object galore! 

Our WBCT® also addresses these as well as many other issues you don’t even know your computer is doing to you. 

This is just a small sample of the over 40 steps included in this cleanup:
An American, English speaking, Certified Computer Technician will remotely take control of your computer and:

Check for and repair viruses and current virus protection
Check for and repair spyware/malware/adware
Check for and repair firewall protection
Check for and install critical Windows and security updates
Remove bloated temp files and caches
Remove erroneous and resource consuming start-up files
Scan and check hard drive
Install free antivirus/spyware software, if applicable
And much, much more!
ATR now offers Backup Services!  
We have two choices:

1. Automated
The Automated Backup Service where we 
will setup and configure automated backups, to your specifications, to your local backup drive or an online service.  Click here for more information
2. Plan B
Plan B is an affordable service offered by ATR to backup your data to OUR offsite servers. Data you select will be backed up to our offsite, secure servers EVERY day. Click here for more information
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