APRIL 23, 2020

Pleasantville Teacher Really Delivers!

Pleasantville’s ESL teacher Melody Holm Terasaki has been practicing social distance while making pleasant surprises for the English learners at her school. Every Sunday she personally delivers what she calls awards on the doorsteps of students who have been successfully using and making progress with the remote Imagine Learning platform. “The results have been phenomenal!” she says. Ms. Terasaki sends a text to the families to let them know goodies are waiting outside their door. As you might imagine, they are delighted with the surprises. Several families have "won" pizza parties while others have gotten candy and books. Thanks, Ms.Terasaki!

Yale Fellows Named

 Congrats to William Penn teachers Michael Doody and Christina Marsett! Both are among fifty-five public school teachers from seventeen school districts in ten states and the District of Columbia chosen to participate in the prestigious Yale Fellows program. The Yale National Initiative is designed to strengthen teaching in public schools. This award allows for both teachers to attend seminars and a two-week intensive learning session scheduled for the summer.  They will also attend a two-day conference at Yale University in October. Thanks, Mr. Doody and Ms. Marsett for representing Who WE Are!

Grab & Go Gets a Tasty Thank You!

As a show of appreciation for all of the hard work of our employees who are feeding our students, Texas Roadhouse in Bear delivered them a free lunch yesterday. Owners Joe Russo and Kineta King are very supportive community business partners who have two children in the district. Thanks, Texas Roadhouse for the delicious meals- the Power of WE really works!

For the latest updates on times and locations, of Grab and Go sites, visit www.colonialschooldistrict.org

Community Food Giveaway

E.Y.E.S. For Christ Church is sponsoring a drive-through food giveaway at the Route 9 Library located at  3022 New Castle Avenue in New Castle this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 1:30 P.M. while supplies last. Recipients will receive one box per vehicle. Police will be present to render assistance.

Eisenberg Student Author

Berg Nation is proud to have a published student author and entrepreneur and she's only in the first-grade! Denym  Williams is in Ms. Battista's class and her book can be ordered through Amazon

Administrative Professionals Day

Wilbur Principal Beth Howell, and Assistant Principals Roberta Jacobs and Virginia Schreppler showed their social distancing appreciation for Anne Marie Guajardo, Lori Crawford, and Debbie Goodley on Administrative Professionals Day. The school district expressed a virtual show of appreciation to all administrative professionals because each and every one means so much to Colonial Nation!

Help is Just a Click Away

We all could use a little advice and assistance during these unprecedented times when families are advised to stay home and remote learning has become the next best option to keeping students academically engaged. Below is a list of resources for parents and students of all ages:

National Association of School Psychologists: Resources (in multiple languages) supporting families and youth 
The Family Dinner Project: Pandemic 2020 Stuck at Home Guide to Food, Fun & conversation
Your Teen Magazine:
Quaranteenagers: Strategies for Parenting in Close Quarters (article by Lisa Damour) 

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