Water Availabiity and How Ranchers and Birds Respond
Water Availabiity and How Ranchers and Birds Respond

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Marc Hudson is new to Oregon, he made his way here early in 2021 and found a desk at Oregon Agricultural Trust as a Rangeland Program Director. "I manage all of Oregon Agricultural Trust's (OAT) programming across Southeast Oregon, and pertaining to ranching generally within the state. As OAT is focused on the preservation of agricultural lands that usually means finding creative ways to finance real estate deals with producers, conservation easements, and finding funding to assist with natural resource issues harming agricultural production. Each operation is different, however, and part of the fun in my job is finding creative ways to address those problems." READ MORE.

Ag Succession Planning and Easement Workshops

Oregon Agricultural Trust is offering two free farm and ranch succession planning and working land easement workshops in Harney County Monday July 18 and Friday September 9. Check out the flyer below for information and where to turn with any questions.

Water Availability and How Ranchers and Birds Respond

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, 100% of Harney County is in a severe drought. What does this mean for the local ranchers earning a living here who depend on water to sustain and grow the hay needed to feed their livestock? What does it mean for resident and migrating birds who rely on the Harney Basin to fuel and rest? READ MORE.
Pictured: Rancher Mitch Baker cutting native meadow hay July 2020.

No quick fixes, no magic bullets, we at HDP and all the partners who participate in collaboratives knew this going into it and we're still at it and definitely not getting bored. The words from Seth Godin below shine a light on how HDP collaboration works, we couldn't have said it better.

How Change Happens by Seth Godin

Slowly then all at once
For people who aren’t paying attention or actively involved, it can seem like cultural change is sudden. One big shift after another.
In fact, cultural change always happens relatively slowly. Person by person, conversation by conversation. Expectations are established, roles are defined, systems are built.
From the foundation
The people in the news and at the podium get all the attention, but they’re a symptom, not usually a cause. Everyday people aren’t the bottom, they are the roots, the foundation, the source of culture itself. We are the culture, and we change it or are changed by it.
From peer to peer
Change happens horizontally. What do we expect from others? What do we talk about? Who do we emulate or follow or support? What becomes the regular kind?
People like us do things like this.
Day by day, week by week, year by year.
Going to the protest of the day, performing acts of slacktivism, hopping from urgency to emergency–this is how people who day trade in our culture are whipsawed. But the people who are consistently and actively changing the culture are not easily distracted. One more small action, one more conversation, one more standard established.
The internet would like us to focus on what happened five minutes ago. The culture understands that what happens in five years is what matters.
Focused, persistent community action is how systems change. And systems concretize and enforce cultural norms.
If you care, keep talking. Keep acting. Stay focused. And don’t get bored.

Celebrating Harney County Youth

Save the date and join us for celebration and conversation.
  • Thursday, September 29 | Community Dinner | 6pm, downtown Burns
  • Friday, September 30, 9am-3:30pm, multiple locations
Contact Denise Rose at denise.youthconnect@gmail.com with any questions.
 2022 Upcoming Events 
Wednesday, June 15 High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Tuesday, June 28 Biz Harney Opportunity Collaborative Meeting
Monday, July 18 Harney County Forest Restoration Collaborative Forest Tour
Wednesday, July 20 Harney County Wildfire Collaborative Range Tour
Wednesday, July 20 High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Tuesday, July 26 Biz Harney Opportunity Collaborative Meeting
Wednesday, August 17 High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Thursday, September 29 & Friday, September 30 Youth Changing The Community, Community Event

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