Important Message for Roseville Area Schools Families and Staff, and Updates on Return to School

January 8, 2021

Good afternoon Roseville Area Schools families and staff,
We are all shocked by this week's attack on our nation’s Capitol. The images of violence were disturbing and upsetting. I join leaders, community members, and citizens across the country in condemning the violent attack on the United States Congress as Senators and Representatives met to fulfill their constitutional responsibilities. The acts of insurrectionists to damage our historical spaces and disrupt the important role of the United States Congress was an affront to our democracy.
As teachers and students of U.S. historyincluding histories of oppressed peoples long absent from textbooks—we recognize the role that white supremacy played in Wednesday’s riot. When a mob of mostly white people is allowed to attack our nation's Capitol with little resistance, it is white privilege in action. The hateful, racist symbols displayed were distressing and traumatizing for many and should be called out. We recognize that Black, Indigenous and People of Color have long felt the effects of this type of violence and racism.
Many of our educators made space for students to process what they may have seen, heard or read about the violence in Washington on Wednesday. You have also likely had difficult conversations with your children. The acts of violence illustrate the importance of educating young people on civic engagement and the role each of us plays in our government. Students of all ages need to know about this moment in history, and they need a safe place to express their feelings around it. 
To support you in your discussions on the violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, racism, and ending white supremacy, we’ve compiled the following resources:
We have encountered many unprecedented challenges over the past year, and it is exhausting. Together, through the collective strength of our Roseville Area Schools community, we will get through this moment as well. Please stay strong and continue to care for yourselves and one another. 
Aldo Sicoli

Update on Learning Model Transition and Shifting Asynchronous Days

As we shared with you last week, the phased transition of elementary students to in-person learning four days per week begins later this month.
When elementary students return to in-person learning they will attend four days per week, Monday-Thursday. Beginning the week of Jan. 26, the asynchronous learning day from home will shift from Wednesdays to Fridays for all grade levels district-wide.
After spring break, elementary grades will transition to five-days a week in person, with the school day shortened by 30 minutes at the end of the day to allow for teacher planning. We continue to plan for a possible return for secondary students, dependent on further guidance from the state.
Please watch your school's weekly newsletters for details about how things will look in your school. 
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