March 3, 2021
CASL Values and a PBL Operational Definition
What do we value as a college?
It is important that we share some level of agreement on what we value as a college, as these values will drive the PBL effort and eventually student recruitment efforts. Below is a set of student-focused values that the task force is discussing; these are values that as a college we might decide to explicitly embrace regarding teaching. 

We value…
  • an environment where every student belongs
  • disciplinary content and its understanding, application, evaluation, and creation
  • the exploration and integration of multiple perspectives from across disciplines, sub-disciplines and areas of expertise
  • the facilitation of flexible, creative thinking for an unpredictable world
  • the development of student career competencies to enhance workplace opportunities
  • the advancement of student professional, career, and personal goals
  • every student’s potential as a learner, thinker, community member, and citizen
  • the mosaic of backgrounds, perspectives, disciplines, and ideas that are CASL
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What is PBL?
We need some agreement on what we mean by PBL. Below is an operational definition of PBL being considered by the task force. 

PBL Operational Definition:
PBL stands for Practice Based Learning, also known as Problem Based Learning or Project Based Learning. It refers to curricular and co-curricular experiences that require students to apply, analyze, evaluate, or create knowledge in collaboration with others, often across disciplinary boundaries.
PBL objectives are to:
  1. increase flexible thinking and adaptability;
  2. deepen connections on campus and in the community;
  3. develop skills to enhance student professional success; and 
  4. inspire students to actively contribute to the well being of their communities.  
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PBL Task Force
  • Natalia Czap
  • Mike Dabkowski
  • Daniel Davis
  • Antonios Koumpias
  • Terri Laws
  • Simona Marincean
  • Anna Muller
  • Francia Martinez Valencia
  • Marie Waung (chair)
Practice Based Learning Web Page
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