Missed your Windows 10 Free Upgrade?

Microsoft has announced that they have an upgrade extension available.  I don’t know how long it will last but there is a way to still get the FREE upgrade.  

Follow this link to get the Windows 10 upgrade.

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Angie’s List Announcement

We are saddened to announce that after almost 10 years with Angie’s List that Alexander Technical Resources, LLC has cut its ties with Angie’s List.  After many trials and tribulations over the last several years we have finally come to an impasse that we have been unable to fix with Angie’s List.  The most recent changes and demands on our business have made it impossible for us to continue to do business with Angie’s List.
As you may or may not know, we have been the highest rated computer support service in the country now for almost 10 years, according to Angie’s List own reviews. 
The many and recent changes made to their service agreements, advertising agreements and changes to services have created an intolerable environment for our business to work in accordance with our own standards and beliefs.  We will no longer offer any Storefront Offers or Deals through Angie’s List.
Please rest assured that we will continue to offer you the absolute best service that we can provide.  Our offers and Deals will be presented to you via the store on our website.  You can access our store here. For now, we are researching different avenues for our clients to leave us honest, verified reviews.  

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