Newsletter #6
Newsletter #6
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
As of July 20, UWM has made the decision of which classes will be delivered in an online or hybrid format. You can see how your classes will be formatted in your PAWS account. The Neighborhood Housing Office recommends living near UWM only if you will have some in-person classes this Fall.

Helping You Find Your Off Campus Rental 

Welcome to the sixth edition of finding your off campus home! You can expect to receive the next steps of the rental process on Wednesday, August 5. 
This week, focus on living in your new home and making the best out ouf your rental experience.
In this newsletter you will find:

Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbors

The neighborhood around UWM is a mix of both long-term resisdents and college students. Its important to introduce yourself to each of your neighbors and exchange contact information. This will be helpful if you will be leaving your unit for an extended period of time or plan to have gatherings at your home. 

Renter Responsibilities 

Living in your new home comes with many responsibilties you may be unaware of. You should check your lease to see what you will be responsible for during the duration of your lease.
This often include things like:
  • Paying for utilities
  • Taking care of garbage and recycling
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Snow removal
  • Cleaning duties
These responsibilities will vary depending on your landlord so always make sure to double check your lease and communicate with your landlord if there is any confusion. 

Communicating with Your Landlord

The Neighborhood Housing Office strongly recommends getting any and all communication from your landlord in writing. This ensure that you will be able to produce proof of the communication if needed for legal reasons.
As a renter, you should make sure to contact your landlord as soon as possible when any issues arise during the duration of your lease.

Living with Roommates

Living in an environment with roommates creates unique relationships that can sometimes result in conflcits. At this point in time you should have already created and signed a roommate contract. This contract should detail all responsibilties of each roommate and rules of the home.
The most important thing to remember when living with roommates is to practice open communication with one another. 

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Request a Door Hanger from the NHO

Receive important neighborhood and University information and a link to the UNITE webpage including your welcome to the neighborhood letter, resources, and free goodies/discounts from local businesses and campus resources!

Connect With Us At Orientation

 The next live session will take place Thursday, August 6 at 3:00 p.m.

Sign Up for the Preferred Tenant Program

The Preferred Tenant Program is a free, online rental education course. Participating landlords offer discounts on rent to students who have completed the program. 

University Legal Clinic

The University Legal Clinic can provide legal advice on the rental process and look over all leases free of charge!

Union Renovation Survey

Explore some of the progress of the renovation plan and offer your input into some decisions yet to come.
Participants will be entered for a chance to win one of 3 - $100 Vise Gift cards.

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