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The Census’ 2018 population estimates are making headlines. They indicate that New Orleans is losing population — some 500 residents since 2017, and nearly 1,000 residents since 2016. 

But more concerning are the Census’ estimates of the New Orleans metro area. In 2018, the metro area as a whole lost 66 residents — with gains in St. Tammany failing to make up for losses in Jefferson and other parishes.

Job opportunities are tied to population growth. It’s not surprising then that the New Orleans metro area’s population growth has stalled, because job growth has been lackluster as well. From 2016 to 2018, employment grew by only .2 percent across the New Orleans metro, while national employment growth was 3 percent.

To be sure, annual Census numbers are just estimates. More important will be the results of the Census 2020. It will be critical that all New Orleanians participate in that headcount on April 1, 2020, to ensure our area gets its fair share of representation and federal funding.

Meanwhile you can find the most recent Census estimates for all parishes in our metro area at:

AND…we just updated the data on all 72 New Orleans neighborhoods. Check out 2013-2017 Census ACS data on income, poverty, housing affordability — 252 data points for each neighborhood — on our Neighborhood Profiles page!

You can find all 18,598 data points at:

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