Working Together for Harney County
Working Together for Harney County
We said last year that despite challenges that arise in 2022, the constant for HDP is people working together and that really rang true. We're 15 years into this and we had no idea how far this idea could take us. “Twenty years from now, if we continue on the path we’re on, where could we be down the road? That could be really exciting.” ~Chad Karges, one of the founders of HDP and a board member.

We can't predict what is to come but what we do know is we've built a culture of collaboration that is resilient, interdependent and opportunistic thanks to the diversity of people who come together to look at all sides of the issues and opportunities that come before us on the Oregon frontier. It's this collaborative culture that will carry us into the future with many hard learned lessons and useful methods to offer each other and neighbors near and far.
For High Desert Partnership we'll continue to be the support organization that helps our collaboratives find and achieve their goals. We'll do everything possible to keep people working together on behalf of the land, water and communities of Harney County.

About the land, water and communities of Harney County, watch the beautiful video below to learn or be reminded about remarkable Harney County and then following that, please check out our 2022 Year-In-Review magazine for accomplishments of the past year, what we're thankful for and our hopes for 2023.

All our best to you this holiday season.
~Brenda Smith, High Desert Partnership Executive Director
Photo by Brandon McMullen.

HDP 2022 Year-In-Review

Click the button below to access HDP's annual Year-In-Review magazine with reflections from HDP and each HDP supported collaborative. You'll find accomplishments and gratitude from the past year and our hopes for 2023.

High Desert Partnership 2022 Year In Review

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