Summer 2019 Newsletter
Advancing Research, Scholarship, and Creative Endeavor


This year, Notre Dame continued to witness the results of investments we have been making for more than a decade to grow and strengthen Notre Dame’s research and scholarship programs with a $40 million increase in research grant funding. The increases were broad-based from across our Colleges, Schools, centers, and institutes. More importantly, though, is that these grants and awards increasingly align with our Catholic mission to be a powerful means for doing good in the world.
Bob Bernhard's welcome, summer 2019

We are now translating this dynamic trajectory into another exciting effort: a new high-level vision for the University’s research and scholarship programs. I welcome your thoughts about how research, scholarship, and creative endeavor at Notre Dame should continue to be honed and focused in order to be both distinguished and distinctive. Read full welcome from Bob Bernhard, Vice President for Research >>


Notre Dame Announces Significant Growth in Research Funding

Researchers from the University of Notre Dame have received $180.6 million in research funding for fiscal year 2019 — $100 million more than 10 years ago and a more than 27 percent increase from last year. The awards support a broad range of projects that tackle globally significant issues, including vector-borne diseases, cancer, psychology, nanotechnology, hypersonics and much more. Read more >> 

Can We Feed 11 Billion People While Preventing the Spread of Disease?

Within the next 80 years, global food demand is expected to increase sharply to meet the needs of a growing world population. According to a paper published in Nature Sustainability by biology professor Jason Rohr and collaborators from universities such as Cornell, Emory, and Stanford, the increase in agriculture will likely influence human infectious diseases, which in turn may affect food production and distribution. Read more >> 

Chesterton Library Acquired by Notre Dame's London Global Gateway

Notre Dame has acquired the G.K. Chesterton Library, which includes books, personal effects, art, and other items related to the life of this renowned 20th-century English Catholic writer, orator, apologist, and provocateur. The full holdings will be housed at Notre Dame’s London Global Gateway on Trafalgar Square, providing increased access to researchers and Chesterton enthusiasts. Read more >> 

Developing Drug-Targeting Molecules to Improve Cancer Treatment

A trio of chemical and biomolecular engineers at Notre Dame, led by Matthew Webber, has developed small drug-targeting molecules that may be hundreds to thousands of times more effective at delivering potent drugs to sites of disease, including cancer. Read more >> 

‘Mommy Bloggers’ Study Reveals Factors That Drive Success in Social Influencer Marketing

While eighty-six percent of companies use influencer marketing as part of their social media strategy, effectiveness remains low. New research from Notre Dame marketing professor Christian Hughes and her co-authors from the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Oxford provides a framework of strategies to help managers yield larger returns on engagement. Read more >> 

How Does Stress Affect How We Age?

For over 10 years, Cindy Bergeman, professor of psychology, has studied stress and its impact on health and aging, collecting data on about 1,500 people. With new funding from the National Institute on Aging, her research team will analyze how a person's ability to regulate their response to routine, daily stressors can benefit or impede health over time. Read more >> 

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