This Android Recommended Device brings productivity to new levels
This Android Recommended Device brings productivity to new levels

Rugged Applications Deserve the 
Dolphin™ CN80

The Dolphin™ CN80 is a hybrid device offering a keyboard for applications that require keyed shortcuts for quick data entry, and a large touchscreen for increased flexibility when inputting data. This Android™ device is designed for tough environments like distribution centers, field applications, delivery and more. 
  • Mobility Edge™ platform speeds up deployment & optimizes performance
  • Android Recommended Device means security updates for next 5 generations
  • Best of Both Worlds – Keys and Touchscreen
  • Rugged, Ergonomic Design – Built to Last
Mobile workers are on the move and rely on devices that can help them keep productivity and accuracy high. The Dolphin CN80 accomplishes this requirement with the flexibility needed in demanding applications.

For more information on the benefits of the CN80, check out this month’s blog, and contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
Read more in this month's blog

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