TDSB Chair's Newsletter

Volume 13 - December 2017


Robin Pilkey Acclaimed Chair, Jennifer Arp Elected Vice Chair 
During the annual Organizational Board meeting, Robin Pilkey was acclaimed Chair of the Toronto District School Board. Trustee Jennifer Arp was elected to the position of Vice Chair.
First elected as Trustee for Ward 7 (Parkdale-High Park) in the fall of 2014, Chair Pilkey first became Chair of the Board in 2015 and has now been acclaimed four times. Jennifer Arp was first elected as Trustee for Ward 8 (Eglinton-Lawrence) in the fall of 2014 and has previously served as Vice Chair. Learn more.
For detailed results, as well as the schedule and agendas for Board and Standing Committees, please visit
Trustees Vote to End School Resource Officer Program
The School Resource Officer program that existed in 45 of 113 TDSB high schools has been discontinued.
The decision, made by Trustees at the November Board meeting, followed consultations with thousands of students, staff, parents and community members. These consultations culminated in a recently released summary report. Read the media release, summary report and Chair Robin Pilkey's op-ed in the Toronto Star.
The TDSB will continue to work in partnership with Toronto Police Services to maintain positive working relationships that will ensure a safe, welcoming and inclusive culture in every school.
We also continue to be guided by the Police-School Board Protocol (PR698) which encourages a positive relationship between school communities and police officers and establishes guidelines for these relationships. As always, TPS continues to respond to any incident that threatens the safety of our school, students and staff and school communities.
TDSB Releases Information on Condition of Schools
The TDSB released its second annual Facility Condition Index, which reports on the physical condition and state-of-good-repair of each of our school buildings, along with updated statistics for the Renewal Needs Backlog.
As of September 2017, the TDSB’s repair backlog is $3.7 billion, up from $3.5 billion last year. While funding for school repairs has improved, it is not keeping pace with the growing backlog. We continue to work with the Ministry and advocate for adequate funding and the use of Educational Development Charges (EDCs). Learn more.
City of Toronto Votes to Support Educational Development Charges (EDCs) for TDSB
On November 7, 2017, Toronto City Council approved a motion presented by Councillor Mike Layton to request the Government of Ontario amend regulations in order to allow the TDSB to collect EDCs. Read the City of Toronto motion.  
More Than 1,400 TDSB Students Sign Up for the Canada Learning Bond
Since the TDSB and SmartSAVER launched a board-wide campaign in 2016 to raise awareness of the Canada Learning Bond, more than 1,400 TDSB students have opened RESP accounts and applied for the Canada Learning Bond. On November 29, the TDSB and SmartSAVER came together for a partnership celebration at Market Lane Junior and Senior PS. SmartSAVER presented the TDSB with a donation of $25,400 which will be used to enhance technology in classrooms across the TDSB. Learn more.
Share your Thoughts About Student Assessment
Join the province-wide conversation about how best to improve Ontario’s approaches to classroom assessments, large-scale provincial assessments including Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) assessments, and Ontario’s participation in pan-Canadian and international assessment programs. Learn more.
Early Learning and Care Policy Consultation
Share your feedback on the TDSB's Draft Early Learning and Care Policy, which provides forward-thinking principles and commitments to guide program planning, implementation, and improvement. Please send your comments to before January 2, 2018 at 12:00 p.m.
Update on Enhancing Equity Task Force Report
A revised version of the Enhancing Equity Task Force report, which incorporates feedback from recent public consultations, will be submitted to the December 13 Board Meeting. Learn more.
The Grove Community School Wins Bike to School Week Award
The Grove Community School received this year's Bike to School Week Award for the Toronto Region at the Smart Commute Awards. During Bike to School Week, an impressive 46.94 percent of the school population cycled to school – the highest reported percentage in the City of Toronto. Congratulations students and staff! Learn more.
Students Get the Grand Treatment
Students from a number of TDSB schools recently attended the Children's Breakfast Club seventh annual Christmas Gala at the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex. Focusing on the theme of Caring & Sharing, students received two gifts (one for themselves, the other for a friend or family member), enjoyed lunch in the Liberty Grand ballroom and got to hear from surprise guest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about what caring and sharing means to him. Learn more.
Recent Heritage Months and Celebrations at the TDSB


Increasing Access to Education Development Charges (EDCs)
The TDSB is reaching out to co-terminus boards and the City of Toronto to engage with the Minister of Education in discussions around providing school boards with greater flexibility to collect and use EDCs to address student accommodation pressures in schools. Read the Board decision (page 9).
Review of Disciplinary Hearing Procedures
To better address student needs, the Board is writing a letter to the Minister of Education requesting a review of the discipline hearing provisions under the Education Act and to develop a plan for mandatory training of schools board members in Ontario. Read the Board decision (page 9).
Revisions to Make Pupil and Program Accommodation Reviews More Equitable

The Board approved revisions to the Accommodation and Program Review Policy (P068) and the Pupil Accommodation Review Procedure (PR598) to ensure full participation of all members throughout these processes. Read the Board decision (page 2). Read the report.
October Declared Safe Pedestrianism and Walk to School Month at the TDSB
To support students and families to participate in active transportation, and to increase physical and mental health and well-being through daily exercise, October will now be recognized as Safe Pedestrianism and Walk to School Month. This will coincide with International Walk to School Day and provide an opportunity to teach safe pedestrianism to students starting in the early elementary years. Read the Board decision (page 5).
Report on Equity Policy and Positions
Based on recommendations from the Black Student Achievement Community Advisory Committee, the Board has asked staff for a report on the draft equity policy and the hiring of equity positions. Read the Board decision (page 2).

Student Nutrition at the TDSB
To capture the importance of nutrition programs for student achievement and well-being, the Board has requested a report which will include the number of children currently using nutrition programs, the cost per child, and the investment made by the TDSB. Read the Board decision (page 4).

TDSB Trustees

TDSB Director
of Education

Child Care Worker Access to Classrooms
The Board has asked staff for a report on a potential review of procedure to allow classroom keys to be distributed to child care staff. The recommendation to review the Key and Access Control (PR663) operational procedure came from the Early Years Community Advisory Committee. Read the Board decision (page 3).
City Bike Path to be Constructed Near Alexander Muir/Gladstone Avenue JPS and The Grove CS
In order to accommodate the constructions of a City of Toronto bike path, approximately 114.24 square metres of TDSB land - located at Alexander Muir/Gladstone Avenue Junior and Senior Public School and the Grove Community School - was declared surplus and transferred to the Toronto Lands Corporation, the real estate branch of the TDSB. Read the Board decision (page 7).
Student Educational Travel to the United States
On March 22, 2017 the Board passed a motion which determined that no new school trips to the US be approved. To clarify that motion, the Board recently  decided that competitions/events that were approved prior to March 22, 2017, and include additional events/competitions at a later date in the US, may continue. Read the Board decision (page 8).
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