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March 24, 2022

In Case You Missed It

Campus Operations Update

We are entering a “new normal” in response to steadily declining positive case rates and less restrictive federal and state safety protocols related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several updates have been made to campus safety protocols that will be rolled out over the next several weeks.
Masking is now optional in all indoor and outdoor spaces except:
  • Masking will remain required in all indoor classrooms and instructional settings. An instructional setting is where attendance is required and the space is used for instructional purposes.
  • Masking will remain required on Triton/university transportation.
  • Masking will remain required in all clinical areas.
  • Masking will remain required for all students and staff living and/or working in campus-operated residential areas until Apr. 4, pending a review of virus prevalence following the beginning of spring quarter.
Students residing in campus-operated housing are expected to complete a SARS-CoV-2 PCR test no more than 24 hours after they return for the spring quarter, as well as again on Day 5, unless you have tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 90 days.
  • Food and drink are now allowed at indoor and outdoor meetings and events as well as outdoor instructional settings. However, food and drink remain not allowed within indoor instructional settings.
  • Faculty, staff and students must have a green thumb on their daily symptom screener if they plan to attend a meeting or event serving food and/or beverages.
  • Meeting organizers can encourage participant COVID-19 testing within 24 hours before the event. Checking vaccination status of participants is no longer required.
  • Current protocols for large meetings and special events remain in place, including vice chancellor approvals and organizer discretion specific to masking, maximum attendance and other requirements.
Researchers are no longer required to submit Research Ramp Up plans to the Office of Research Affairs. Research activities must continue to follow all campus guidelines and best practices to reduce COVID-19 exposure. Those working in research facilities outside of clinical areas are not required to wear masks, though masking is encouraged. Learn more on the Research Ramp Up website.

Masking Etiquette

  • In spaces where masking is optional, it is the individual’s decision to mask or remain unmasked. We encourage anyone who feels more comfortable continuing to wear a mask to do so, as masking remains one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce the spread of the virus.
  • Do not ask anyone to remove their mask or put on a mask in masking optional spaces.
  • Avoid passive or direct comments about mask usage in mask optional spaces. For example, statements such as “Your sound is muffled” or “It would be great to see your expression” are not appropriate. 

Upcoming Town Halls

Faculty and Research
Town Hall

Tuesday, Apr. 12
3 p.m.

Three signs that indicate whether a staff member welcomes colleagues in without a mask, prefers their colleagues to wear a mask or would rather chat outside the office.

Masking Preference Signage

Would you like to indicate your masking preference to your colleagues? There are several signs available for you to print and post in your space. 
Download Signs

Your Questions Answered

Question: Can a faculty or staff member request or require those in their offices to be masked?  
Answer: No. Departments, supervisors, faculty members etc. cannot be more restrictive than campus policy. When someone in a power role (i.e. leader, TA, supervisor, etc.), makes that suggestion, in many ways it will come across or be perceived as a directive. The faculty member or staff can make the individual decision to mask. This will often signal to others your preference. 

Question: Is UC San Diego still requiring proof of vaccination at events?

Answer: No. We encourage vaccination or testing within 24 hours but we will not be checking for vaccination status.

Question: What are the options for conducting my first-ever UC San Diego COVID-19 test?

Answer: Students and employees coming to campus who are completing their first-ever UC San Diego COVID-19 test may choose to: use the self-administered vending machines, schedule an appointment at the Price Center clinic or schedule an appointment at a drive-thru testing site. To learn more about UC San Diego’s testing program, please visit the Testing and Screening webpage.
If you have specific questions or would like to submit feedback about the Return to Learn program, please email
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