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Since before the Civil War, black New Orleanians fought for the same rights their white counterparts took for granted. But with progress came setbacks; so, the struggle continued.
The history of this struggle is all around us in street names, memorials, and school names. Walter L. Cohen High School, Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard, and the memorial to A.P. Tureaud (just to name a few) all hint at the many brave New Orleanians who filed lawsuits, conducted sit-ins, and built broad-based coalitions to push for equal rights for African American New Orleanians.
Today, The Data Center is releasing the next in a series of briefs we are calling The New Orleans Prosperity Index: Tricentennial Collection. This brief is contributed by Raphael Cassimere of the University of New Orleans and is entitled, “Fighting for Inclusion: Blacks' Continual Struggle for Citizenship Rights.”
There is increasing urgency for a more inclusive New Orleans economy—one that fully maximizes the potential of black men and women and other minorities. As the fight for economic inclusion progresses, all New Orleanians can lean on their proud history of organizing, litigating, and voting to create a more prosperous and inclusive New Orleans.
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Dabne Whitemore, Lamar Gardere, Rachel Weinstein, Bernardo Espinosa, Erica Amrine, Keisha Smith, and Allison Plyer

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