Keeping you engaged and informed
Keeping you engaged and informed
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Week of August 26, 2019 - Welcome Back!

1 More Week...

And the countdown begins! Classes for students across the TDSB begin Tuesday, September 3.
School offices for secondary schools opened this week and most elementary school offices are open tomorrow.
Over the summer, caretakers were able to do deep cleaning - sincere thank you to all working this week to ensure schools are ready for students next Tuesday. Please note however, most staff are not required to be at the school until the first day of classes.

Resources for Parents

School can be an exciting and overwhelming time – for both parents and students. Here are some resources posted on tdsb website to help you have a great year. Please click here

Secondary Class Size Update

The government communicated on Thursday that secondary class size averages for the upcoming school year are moving from 22 to 22.5 at the provincial level. The additional .5 is the expected increase to the funded average class size due to attrition and enrolment growth across the province.

Please note there will be no additional funding provided and the government still plans on moving the secondary class size average to 28 over the next few years according to Ministry officials. The Minister indicated however, that this could change through the bargaining process.  

In the end, this week’s announcement does not change anything for the 2019-2020 school year and no significant staffing changes or timetable changes will be required.
As we announced in May, as a result of provincial changes to secondary class size averages from 22 to 28 over the next four years, secondary schools in Toronto have already had to make difficult decisions about what courses or supports they can no longer offer beginning this September. For the 2019-2020 school year (Year 1) TDSB average goes from 21.7 to 23.6. This is an increase in average class size of 1.9 in the first year of this four year process. This new class size average allows us to continue to be compliant with our current Collective Agreement class size provisions as we move towards a class size average of 28 as per direction from the Ministry of Education. For more details, please click here

The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8: Health and Physical Education, 2019

Last year when the Ministry of Education pulled back on the 2015 curriculum and mandated boards follow the 2010 re-issued Health and Physical Education Curriculum (HPEC) the TDSB prepared a guide for parents to help understand the changes. Within the guide we stated -
Parents are the primary educators of their children with respect to learning about values, appropriate
behaviour, and ethnocultural, spiritual, and personal beliefs and traditions, and they act as significant
role models for their children. It is therefore important for schools and parents to work together to ensure that home and school provide a mutually supportive framework for young people’s education... 
The TDSB will continue to use current, credible, evidence based information combined with a respect for individual rights within a democratic, pluralistic society as part of the Board’s obligation of ensuring principles of safety, access, human rights, equity, acceptance, health and well-being. 

The new document is 320 pages and replaces The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1–8: Health and Physical Education, Interim Edition, re-issued in 2018. Beginning in September 2019, all health and physical education programs for Grades 1 to 8 will be based on the expectations outlined in this document. Learn about Ontario’s 2019 elementary Health and Physical Education curriculum.
The 2019 elementary curriculum at a glance
What has changed
Exemption policy
Online resources to support conversations at home

TDSB staff are analyzing the revised curriculum document and will be preparing a revised guide for parents. But initial reaction is that the revised curriculum matches closely to the 2015 curriculum including the sexual health aspects. The Minister has stated that the new curriculum positions Ontario as a leader in education on bullying, concussions and mental health and sees inclusion and respect for differences as being at the core of this new (old) curriculum. 
Staff will also be reviewing the new ministry requirements that all boards have an "opt out" policy to see if that may require us to adjust our procedure. The TDSB currently has had a process for parents to request exemptions to curriculum - Requests for exemptions with respect to topics such as gender identity and sexual orientation will not be made as the request conflicts with requirements under the Education Act, Ministry and TDSB policies and the Ontario Human Rights Code. The TDSB also has a process for parents to make a request for exemptions for religious accommodation on a case by case basis.


From TDSB staff - ARTSJUNKTION will continue to provide schools with access to materials and supplies to enrich art programming, as well as becoming an innovative program for recycling and reusing materials. Given our current budget realities, we are required to consider different ways of delivering this service. In September, senior staff will work with the TDSB’s Arts and Sustainability teams to review delivery models of this program and develop a plan to ensure continuation of this resource.  We will be communicating with TDSB staff with information about operating hours for picking up materials over the next few weeks.  We will share contact information for companies or individuals interested in donating materials as soon as they are available.

Collective Bargaining

"School boards and unions share a commitment to public education and work together towards
positive labour relations. As employers, school boards engage in the process of collective bargaining with the unions representing the employees of the school board to achieve collective agreement. The School Boards Collective Bargaining Act (SBCBA) became law in 2014 and was amended in 2017. It serves to formalize a collective bargaining process that has over a period of nearly a decade evolved into a two-tier structure – a central tier and a local tier."

For more information on Collective Bargaining, please see OPSBA's Good Governance Guide - Chapter 10 where I took the first paragraph from.
Currently bargaining is taking place with all Union Groups - please note all bargaining is confidential unless the parties determine otherwise. 

Board Meeting This Week

Regular Meeting - Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - Public Session 7:00 p.m.
Boardroom, Main Floor, 5050 Yonge Street
Please remember the public Board Meetings are available on-live - click here Wednesday at 7pm
To see the reports that will be posted Monday, please click here
15.1. Kapapamahchakwew - Wandering Spirit School – Community Planning and Partnership Lease Agreement With Eshkiniigjik Naandwechigegamig Aabiish Gaa Binjibaaying (ENAGB) Youth Program
15.2. Update on 2019-20 Budget Reduction Implications (To follow)
15.3. Provincial 2019-20 Capital Priorities Program: Update (To follow)
16.1. Finance, Budget and Enrolment Committee (Special Meeting), Report No. 41, July 17, 2019
17.1. Access to Free Menstrual Products (Trustees Donaldson and Gill) - (a) That the Director be authorized to enter into a partnership with an appropriate organization to secure access to menstrual products and education materials at no cost to the Board; b) That free menstrual products be provided in all elementary and secondary schools beginning in the 2019-20 school year.

Senior Staffing Changes Due to Budget Decisions

This year’s TDSB budget reductions result in a number of changes in the way Senior Team is organized at the TDSB, including a reduction in the number of Executive Superintendents from 7 to 3. In addition, one Executive Superintendent will oversee Learning Centres 1 and 4, while another will oversee Learning Centres 2 and 3.
Moving forward, Sandy Spyropoulos is the new Executive Superintendent for Learning Centres 1 and 4 (note Ward 8 schools are in Learning Centre 1) and Brendan Browne is the new Executive Superintendent for Learning Centres 2 and 3. Working closely with Sandy and Brendan will be Associate Directors Kathy Witherow and Colleen Russell-Rawlins — Kathy will continue to oversee Learning Centres 1 and 4, and Colleen will continue to oversee Learning Centres 2 and 3. The Executive Superintendent of Human Rights and Indigenous Education will be Jim Spyropoulos. Thank you to Beth Butcher our previous Executive Superintendent in LC1.
Throughout the summer, assignments were confirmed for System Superintendents and School Superintendents. The following are the 3 System Superintendents -
  • System Superintendent of Continuing Education - Uton Robinson
  • System Superintendent of Special Education and Inclusion- Angela Nardi-Addesa
  • System Superintendent of Equity, Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression and Early Years - Jacqueline Spence 
With the retirement of Superintendent Marguerite Campbell, and with Diana Panagiotopoulos returning to her former role as a Centrally Assigned Principal due to the reduction in Superintendents, we welcome John Chasty and Curtis Ennis - they will join Andrew Howard as the School Superintendents supporting Ward 8. Sincere appreciation to Marguerite and Diana. There have also been adjustments to the configuration of schools in learning centres. Please see below for a chart that confirms the Superintendent for each school:

Administrative Changes in Ward 8

In addition to the changes previously announced, there were additional Principal and Vice-Principal changes approved at the board on July 10, 2019 in Ward 8 schools and most recently at a Special Board Meeting on August 21 - a few more changes are expected at the Board Meeting on August 28. Below is the complete list of known changes for 2019-2020:
  • Armour Heights Public School – Corey Birnbaum, Principal at Armour Heights is being transferred to Forest Hill Jr/Sr Public School as Principal. Belinda Longe, Centrally Assigned Principal (formerly Principal at Winona) is being transferred as Principal of Armour Heights.
  • Davisville Junior Public School/Spectrum Alternative Sr School – Cathy Macina-Ciardullo, Vice-Principal at Davisville Jr. PS is being promoted to Principal at William J. McCordic PS.  Wanda Bozzo, Teacher at George Syme CS is being promoted to Vice-Principal at Davisville/Spectrum. 
  • Forest Hill Collegiate Institute Agorista Papdopoulos, Vice-Principal at FHCI is being transferred as Vice-Principal at Marc Garneau CI. Joanne D’Addio, Vice-Principal at York Memorial CI is being transferred as Vice-Principal to Forest Hill CI.
  • Forest Hill Junior and Senior Public School – Paula Dodick, Principal at Forest Hill is retiring. Corey Birnbaum, Principal at Armour Heights is being transferred to Forest Hill Jr/Sr as Principal.
  • Glenview Senior Public School - Mario Sirois, Principal at Glenview is being transferred  TBD. Kwame Lennon, most recently Principal at Market Lane Jr & Sr Public School and Downtown Alternative School is being transferred to Glenview as Principal. Maryam Hasan, Vice-Principal at Glenview is being transferred TBD. VP transfer in to be confirmed on August 28.
  • Humewood Community School – Avinash Mani, Vice-Principal at Humewood is being promoted to Principal at Crescent Town ES. Rachelle Najman, Vice-Principal at Hodgson MS is being transferred to Vice-Principal at Humewood.
  • JR Wilcox Community School Laura Collins, Teacher in the TDSB Section 23 Program is being promoted to Vice-Principal at JR Wilcox. 
  • Lawrence Heights Middle School Wendy Banhan, Vice-Principal in the TDSB Section 23 Program is being transferred as Vice-Principal at Lawrence Heights MS. 
  • Ledbury Park Elementary and Middle School – Paul Friberg, Principal at Ledbury Park is being transferred as Principal to Denlow. Kari Hudson, Principal at Lambton Park
    CS is being transferred to Ledbury as Principal.
  • John Polanyi Collegiate Institute – Antonio Santos, Principal at JPCI is retiring. Deb Blair, currently Principal at Frank Oke S.S is being transferred to JPCI. In addition, Aatif Choudhry, Vice-Principal at John Polanyi CI is being transferred as Vice-Principal at David & Mary Thomson CI. Jennifer Kurtz, current Vice-Principal at North Toronto CI is being transferred as Vice-Principal to JPCI.
  • Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute – Joel Gorenkoff, Principal at LPCI is retiring. Aiman Flahat, Centrally Assigned Principal is being transferred to Principal of LPCI.  
  • North Toronto Collegiate Institute Jennifer Kurtz, Vice-Principal at NTCI is being transferred to Vice-Principal at John Polanyi CI. Annamaria Mazzaferro, current Vice-Principal at Bendale BTI is being transfered as Vice-Principal to NTCI. 
A fond farewell to those leaving Ward 8... may you have continued success or enjoy retirement! Congratulations to those promoted and to those transferring in. We have great community schools with engaged students, parents and communities and excellent staff who value both academic achievement and student wellbeing and support all students… welcome.

Bussing Information

From the Toronto Student Transportation Group
The Transportation Portal is now open.
Please ensure you confirm your transportation information prior to the start of school. If you need to register for the school bus or make changes to current arrangements please check your eligibility on the website and then contact the school who will process your application to the TSTG office. Elementary school offices re-open the week of August 26th.

School Crossing Guard Program

The School Crossing Guard Program is now run by the City of Toronto. Starting in September 2019, there will be 704 locations  that will be part of the School Crossing Guard Program - it's the City's goal to fill all of them daily throughout the entire school year. Follow these links to view the map PDF and list PDF of all School Crossing Guard Locations as of September 2019.
You can request a new school crossing guard location by completing this form Word file and submitting to If you have any concerns about a school crossing guard on duty, please contact 311. For more information, click here.

Yonge-Eglinton PART Phase II

As you may know, the Yonge-Eglinton Phase 2 Program Area Review began in the Spring of 2019 to continue exploring accommodation solutions for midtown area schools. As a result of provincial changes to funding and class sizes affecting secondary schools, the Program Area Review was paused in May 2019 for staff to consider options potentially involving local secondary and additional elementary schools. The intent was to resume working meetings of the Program Area Review Team (PART) this fall with an expanded membership.
In June 2019, however, the Board approved two reports that may result in significant changes to French and Secondary programming in the TDSB. Staff have been asked to prepare follow-up reports detailing the system-wide implementation plans for both French and Secondary reviews. Those two reports are expected to be brought to the Board for approval in the late fall of 2019.
Given that the recommendations coming out of these two reports could have substantial implications on the options that can be generated as part of the Yonge-Eglinton Phase 2 Program Area Review, staff have decided to wait until the French and Secondary reports are approved by the Board to resume any PART working meetings. This will allow staff to consider any system-wide changes that are being proposed and incorporate them into the revised options. Barring any additional major changes or delays, the expectation is that the PART working meetings will resume in early 2020. Please note, however, that enrollments will continue to be monitored and issues identified. I will continue to provide updates and we expect the revised Long-Term Program and Accommodation Plan for 2019-2020 at Board in October.

School Year Calendar 2019-2020

The 2019-2020 school year at the TDSB begins on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 following the Labour Day long weekend. For more information about important dates and holidays for the upcoming school year, please refer to the 2019-20 School Year Calendar.

The official school year calendar for the Toronto District School Board runs from September 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020, inclusive.
  • First day of classes for all students is September 3, 2019
  • The last day of class for elementary students is June 25, 2020
  • The last day of class for secondary (full year) students is June 23, 2020
  • The last day of class for secondary (semestered) students is June 23, 2020
PA Days & Statutory Holidays
  • Labour Day  September 2, 2019
  • Board-wide PA Day  October 11, 2019
  • Thanksgiving October 14, 2019
  • Board-wide PA Day  November 15, 2019
  • Board-wide PA Day  December 6, 2019
  • Winter Break  December 23, 2019 to January 3, 2020 (inclusive) 
  • Last day of school is December 20, 2019
  • School resumes January 6, 2020
  • Elementary PA Day  January 17, 2020
  • Secondary PA Day (Semestered Schools only) January 30, 2020 
  • Board-wide PA Day February 14, 2020
  • Family Day  February 17, 2020
  • March Break  March 16 to 20, 2020
  • Good Friday  April 10, 2020     
  • Easter Monday  April 13, 2020
  • Victoria Day  May 18, 2020
  • Elementary School PA Day  June 5, 2020
  • Secondary School PA Day (Full Year Schools only) June 24, 2020
  • Secondary School PA Day  June 25, 2020
  • Board-wide PA Day June 26, 2020
Also please note - 
  • Rosh Hashanah begins sunset of  Sunday, September 29, 2019  and ends nightfall of  Tuesday, October 1, 2019
  • Yom Kippur begins sunset of  Tuesday, October 8, 2019 and ends nightfall of Wednesday, October 9, 2019
  • Hanukkah begins sunset of Sunday, December 22, 2019 and ends nightfall of Monday, December 30, 2019
  • Passover begins sunset of  Wednesday, April 8, 2020 and ends nightfall of Thursday, April 16, 2020
  • Ramadan 2020 will begin in the evening of Thursday, April 23, 2020 and ends in the evening of Saturday, May 23, 2020 (dates may vary)
  • Eid al-Fitr 2020 will begin in the evening of Saturday, May 23, 2020
Gr. 9 Math: 1st Semester: January 13-24, 2020
Gr. 9 Math:  2nd Semester: June 2-15, 2020
OSSLT:  March 31, 2020
Primary/Junior EQAO:  May 19-June 1, 2020

Also please note Days of Significance - click for the complete list 2019-2020
You may also find this Days of Significance Resource Guide helpful
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