Steps to take before you leave for break!
Steps to take before you leave for break!

Heading home for Thanksgiving break or until the new year?

Here is your to do list:
  • Make sure to lock ALL doors and windows
  • Set your thermostat to 67 degrees to prevent your pipes from freezing
  • Close blinds and curtains to save on heat and deter theft
  • Stop mail and packages with the U.S. Postal Services
  • Make a plan in case you don't come back until the new year
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Shifting to online classes

UWM has made the decision to shift to primarily remote instruction following the Thanksgiving recess (Nov. 25-29). 
Get a COVID-19 test before you travel home and before you return to campus. Tests are available on campus for all students. 

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Wait to begin your rental search for fall

Did you know landlords actually raise the price of rent if you sign a lease too early because they know students are eager to find a place to rent off-campus?

The Neighborhood Housing Office recommends looking for rentals no earlier than 2-3 months in advance. Landlords usually do not know who is renewing their leases until 60 days before move out (typically June-August).
Sign up for the Preferred Tenant Program! It's a free, online rental education course on Canvas. Participating landlords offer discounts on rent to students who complete the program.
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What to do if your heat goes out

Tell us what you want in spring!

Take our survey to let us know how we can better assist you in your off-campus rental process. 

Have you received your postcard?

If you haven't received your postcard from Neighborhood Housing, make sure you update your address with us!

What type of tenant are you?

Take the renter quiz to find out how good of a tenant you are.

Closed for Thanksgiving

The Neighborhood Housing Office will be closed Monday, November 23 until Friday, November 27 for Thanksgiving Break. The Neighborhood Housing Office will reopen on Monday, November 30. 

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