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Dear friends and colleagues, 

In the next 24 hours, chances are someone may hand you a microphone and ask “Ten years after Katrina, how is New Orleans doing?” 
Want to dazzle ‘em with data? Trying to keep it real? We’ve got you covered!
Our wildly popular Facts for Features: Katrina Recovery has the most up-to-date data on population recovery, economic recovery, demographic shifts and more.
And for key facts on total damages, displacements, and recovery funding, check out Facts for Features: Katrina Impact.

Bringing you the data you need…to sound like an expert,
The Data Center team 
Rebecca Osakwe, Caroline Heffernan, Vicki Mack, Allison Plyer, and Nihal Shrinath

P.S. For a handy snapshot of the 30+ indicators in our New Orleans Index at Ten: Measuring Greater New Orleans’ Progress toward Prosperity, check out our newly released PowerPoint. You can find the slides on the right side of the report page at:
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