Panopto, YouTube alternatives, student engagement
Panopto, YouTube alternatives, student engagement
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September 2021

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Deep Dive into Panopto for Class Videos

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Need a review of or an introduction to Panopto, SMHS' video and lecture capture platform? Record live lectures or asynchronous presentations. Include slides, websites, screen capture and a video feed (or not). We will cover the basics plus quiz questions, auto-captions, and live streaming. Presented by Linda Cotton.

ICYMI: YouTube Alternatives

Last week Alison McGuire and Karen Foote shared three tools you can use in lieu of YouTube for sharing self-created recordings in Blackboard courses. All of the tools (Panopto, Zoom, and VoiceThread) are vetted and licensed by GWIT and have the necessary accessibility features.
Panopto Zoom and VoiceThread can be used a YouTube alternatives

Promoting Student Engagement in Online Classes

A recent Faculty Focus article provided some solid reminders of best practices and suggestions for improving student engagement in online courses. And, we would argue that these apply just as much to on-campus classes. It’s not ground-breaking, but this article provides a good overview of using connections, consistency, content, community, and compassion to help your students succeed.
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