Throughout the year, The Data Center is busy researching, analyzing, and releasing valuable data tools for our region. We regularly publish key demographic trends, such as race, age, poverty, education, and housing costs, as well as population indicator data for every ZIP code across seven parishes in the metro area. In the last year, we published comprehensive and extensive research on youth and growing our water management industry in southeast Louisiana. 

Most recently, we published The New Orleans Prosperity Index: Tricentennial Edition, asking the question: “Have black New Orleanians experienced increased economic inclusion since the end of the Civil Rights era?” Additionally, we have been publishing a series of papers called The Tricentennial Collection, which includes briefs from more than a dozen local scholars. 

As New Orleans completes her 300th year, the tricentennial is an important moment to reflect on the city’s history and achievements. While economic inclusion was not the focus of the city’s first 250 years, economic inclusion is increasingly important for fostering growth in developed economies. We hope The Data Center’s research provides the necessary context for individuals and organizations across the region to develop sustainable solutions to our common challenges.

Like nearly all nonprofit organizations, we rely on contributions from people like you – people who value our services; people who use our work to address important community issues; people who create, disseminate, and advance well-informed strategies; and people who use our data to make strong cases for action that benefit our residents. We hope our work has helped you in your work, or even just helped you better understand your community.

Today, for #GiveNOLA Day, we hope that you will support the work of The Data Center. You can make a difference! 

Bringing you the data you need to make informed decisions,

The Data Center Team

Dabne Whitemore, Keisha Smith, Allison Plyer, Erica Amrine, Bernardo Espinosa, Rachel Weinstein, and Lamar Gardere
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