Enough is enough.
Enough is enough.

Two months ago,

on July 29th, 2021, I stood up for us in front of at least 5 city council members, numerous non-profits, the police department, community members, Parks employees and the director of Nashville's Homeless Impact Division, Judith Tackett. When I offered compassionate ideas for solutions to the homeless encampment in Brookmeade Park, I was shot down by many of those representatives with audible gasps, shouting and interruptions. As I was being ushered to sit down, I ended with these words:
“If the city would formulate a decent plan and communicate with us and be transparent and live stream the meetings which they don't do anymore and let the public speak which they don't do any more, then maybe you would get a lot more cooperation from us.”
Two months later, no one from the city has offered me or anyone in this group any specific timeline and goal, unless a press release on Aug. 4 stating "an estimated 250 people in 2 years relocated to 3 area churches" is their goal.
This silence is deafening after many of us have attended nearly every city meeting regarding this issue sometimes 4 times a week, spoken in front of boards, met with the mayor's office, befriended non-profits, posted on social media, done dozens of news appearances, been interviewed for articles and written emails.
We are not getting paid to deal with this. They are. 
And guess what's happened in 2 months?
Yesterday, August 29, 2021
The campers are spreading to the neighborhood. Yesterday there was a tent setup at the dead end of Davidson Rd just after Belton Dr where Davidson Rd meets the interstate. There were so many neighbors looking at it they eventually moved before MNPD could respond. MNPD and Sgt Bourque have asked that as soon as anyone sees a tent or evidence of camping outside of the park to report it to MNPD non-emergency at 615-862-8600. We must be vigilant about this as more "disturbance" happens to the encampment at the park. These folks are going to look for places to go, and the neighborhood can not be a viable alternative for them.

Crime is rampant and on the rise. Businesses are bleeding to death and looking to leave. We are seeing new faces every day. One poor woman was hit by a car and died at our offramp. Park trash remains insane throughout. Another man died in the park. Massive drug & arms bust. Consistent stream of police cars and vans. Drug deals fueled by the park in broad daylight.
Their half baked plan isn't good enough for Brookmeade Park and Greenway. And it's certainly not going to handle the rest of Nashville. 
They don't have the housing. They know it. They beg for us to help them find landlords. They know it's futile. Their near 100% dependence on federal aid & non-profits is disgraceful. WTF. Do they think we are stupid? It's not enough. They must stop asking us for more patience when their solution is not one & start using city money catapulted by our property tax increase. Oh, the irony.
Yesterday, August 29, 2021
Hi, Becky. You have likely heard about this, but I wanted to let you know that we are seeing an increase in people coming over from the park and trying to camp out in the Brookmeade neighborhood in the past couple weeks. I’m on Davidson Road (close to Charlotte) and there were some campers last night attempting to set up by the dead end. They were gone by the time the police got here, but they did find a sleeping bag and backpack over there.

Nashville needs

to use Metro land & resources to set up a sensible temporary setup for them while they wait for housing and arrest the lawbreakers who don’t want to be confined to a lawful community. And if they don't fit either of those descriptions, the city, taking orders from Mayor Cooper, needs to empower our police to enforce the 🤬 laws that do not allow camping and loitering.
We don't want our problem to become a problem for our neighbors to the north, east and south.
It doesn't take a genius to see what happened in Austin is on the same trajectory right here. Seen Los Angeles lately? San Fran? Portland? They didn't catch it early.
Nashville needs to get busy. 
We want our park down to 15 people by the 15th of December.
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until December 15, 2021

Let them hear you


Sample wording:
I am a west Nashville resident impacted by the drug dealing, loitering, assaulting & polluting that surrounds our public park Brookmeade Park and Greenway. These activities have been tolerated by the government while they have used the innocent unhoused as a shield for their lawlessness for more than 10 years. We reject the absence of a clear standard operating procedure for the constant influx of homeless which has continued to trend upward despite reports to the contrary.
Since YESTERDAY, there are multiple reports of people setting up tents in our neighborhoods as a result of the "disturbances" that are happening in the park.  
We ask the city to use their resources to set up temporary housing for the homeless and to hold accountable those who are breaking the law, including but not limited to the sundown to sunup camping violations. The city must not rely primarily on the non-profits to house and federal aid to fund. They must research and enact one of the many proven models used around the country for transition centers until affordable housing can be acquired by the thousands affected by homelessness.
Winter is coming.
We ask that you take immediate action and see to it that no more than 15 people remain in our park by the 15th of December.
Thank you,
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