A View from the Board
The following is the latest in a series of monthly messages from the RVR Master Association Board, called “A View From the Board.” The messages summarize recent Board decisions and discussions and are designed to bring RVR homeowners up to date on issues important to the community. 
Dear RVR Homeowners,
While it’s true that RVR is a diverse community, we also have a great deal of commonality. This duality is one of our strengths. It’s often referred to when we reflect on the qualities that make RVR a place we love to live.
Shared purpose, a sense of fairness, a love for the splendor of our natural environment and an appreciation for our neighbors–whether we know them by name or not. These are aspects of our community that are often discussed when people reflect on why they live here.
These are also some of the guiding principles that board members keep in mind when difficult decisions must be made. Trying to intuit the minds of all of you who live in RVR is no easy task and honestly, we struggle with it. Nobody wants to bring bad news, make a bad decision or unintentionally make others upset. But decisions must be made and sometimes they’re good and sometimes they need to be adjusted over time.
Let’s use the example of the recent board meeting where there was a lot of discussion regarding the new $2 fee for fitness class instruction. This issue was brought up during the budget cycle discussions in the autumn of 2021 when we all came to realize that we were facing a painful shortfall. One of the frequently made points revolved around the large expense tied to these group classes. At the time, the board made a commitment to look at the fee schedules for different activities. This examination was, and is, an attempt to find the right balance between an “all inclusive” and a “fee for service” style community. When faced with controversial decisions, “somewhere in the middle” is often the best approach. But this can be a moving target depending on economic cycles and activity trends.
So we now charge for professional fitness classes, just as we have always charged for tennis instruction and swimming instruction. This is also consistent with the way we charge for many special events in the Ranch House, along with guest fees for using the facilities. Have we found the “sweet spot” of compromise? Who knows, but we should keep up the communal conversation as we look for it.
The “new” $2 fitness class fee came as a surprise to some, but it had been in discussion for a long time. Is it the best decision for now? Only time will tell. It is an attempt to further address the issue of fairness which has been repeatedly raised by community members (mostly through the budget and Long Range Planning processes).
As for the problem surrounding the communication of items under review, that’s a tough one. In our modern age, we are bombarded by emails, spam calls, texts, posters and signs. There is a cacophony of news in our everyday lives. Adding to it with reminders or special announcements about topics being publicly discussed may only serve to increase that noise. All of the board and committee meetings are open, minutes are kept and posted to the website. Additionally, the management team is always happy to answer questions or provide clarification.
We on the board try to stay in touch with people's sensitivities and priorities by listening and asking questions when we can. In an effort to smooth this communication traffic and increase community engagement, we are going to begin conducting a comprehensive annual survey so we can all feel more informed regarding our commonality and diversity. In the end we hope it will help us all make good decisions.
As a board, we do our best to interpret the larger desires of the community. The more participation we have, the better our chances of success on that front. So, a big thanks to all of those who have provided public comment or participated in board/committee meetings. Your involvement ensures that we consider multiple perspectives. All of that input helps us to achieve our mission statement, ensuring that RVR is a place where people love to live.
On behalf of your volunteer RVRMA Board,

Michael Banbury
Board President

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