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JULY 7, 2020
Hello Jumbos,
This week, we’re introducing the University Chaplaincy at Tufts. The University Chaplaincy is for anyone at Tufts, no matter your religious, philosophical, or spiritual orientation(s). The University Chaplaincy offers meditation, worship services, retreats, musical programs, educational resources, and service opportunities – all with a mission of making everyone feel welcome and nurtured

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Reminder: Academic Essentials and the Advising Survey

As a reminder, the Academic Essentials modules for all students and the Advising Survey for First-Year BA/BS students are due July 10 (that's this Friday)TransferBFA, and Combined Degree students, you also need to schedule an in-person or virtual advising appointment with your Advising Dean by July 10! Check your customized New Student Checklist 2020 and complete alll the academic and advising the requirements listed there.
Complete Academic Essentials (All Students)
Complete the Advising Survey (First-Year BA/BS Students)
Schedule an Advising Appointment (Transfer, BFA, and Combined Degree Students)

Meet the University Chaplaincy

The Tufts University Chaplaincy is a dynamic hub supporting religious, spiritual, ethical, and cultural life for all members of the Tufts community. They:
The chaplains represent six different traditions: Buddhist, Catholic, Humanist, Jewish, Muslim, and Protestant. Each of them is trained to offer support to anyone, if you are having a hard time and seeking spiritual exploration or just want a listening ear.
The Chaplaincy is also home to more than eleven student-run religious and philosophical communities, including the Hindu Student Council, Tufts Unitarian Universalists (TU3) and the interfaith Community of Faith, Exploration, and Engagement (COFFEE).
You can learn more about the religious and philosophical communities on campus and connect to the office through their website, Facebook, or Instagram.
Don’t forget to complete the Spiritual Interest Survey in your new student checklist! The survey is a chance for you to share how the University Chaplaincy can better support you.
Complete the Spiritual Interest Survey
Meet The Chaplaincy Staff
Find a Religious or Philosophical Community

Here's What's Coming Up Next

Checklist Reminders

Dean of Student Affairs

Next week we're going to introduce you to the Dean of Student Affairs Office, which is a central resource for all students at Tufts. Looking for a leadership opportunity or funding for an event? Have a question about a policy in the Student Code of Conduct? The Dean of Student Affairs Office can help.  
Start Exploring the Dean of Student Affairs Office
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